Our life stories or how thoughts become reality

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How often do we find ourselves at the mercy of our thoughts? Or simply — as loud and long sounds in our heads "mental chatter" about everything? The consciousness is overloaded phrases that threw us on the street, at work, unpleasant thoughts and thousands of monologues about nothing constantly swirling in my head!

From the variety of chatter in the head, most often in the us 100 90 thoughts on bad! And every day we think exactly the same as yesterday! Of the 60 thousand thoughts 59 thousand a repetition of yesterday and the day before the event! Only one thousand thoughts - new!

Found that we often think negatively than positively. Unpleasant thoughts turn into fantasies that snowball able to grow exponentially in time if you don't stop them. Example: you saw a car accident, I think, "What a nightmare! In his place could have been me! Or my wife! Or child! And then..." and so forth, subsequently the idea appears quite often in the head, causing anxiety or excitement. Often we walk, work, going, doing some things automatically, our consciousness at this time is occupied with fantasies, dreams, etc. There are thousands of stories that we are losing without even realizing. Here are some examples from the book of D. Rainwater :

"The game "Catastrophe": the fans of this game fantasize not only about accidents but also about how it would be terrible if they Rob, burn their home, rape the wife or kill children. The emergence of such fears contributes to the abundance of scenes of violence on television. For the study of American psychologists, lovers TV, conducted in front of the TV four hours a day or more, evaluated the possibility that could happen to them an accident - 50%, while those who watch TV less than two hours a day - at 10%. The reality is this incident less than 1%.So television and the film industry HELPS people with not enough imagination to fantasize about conceivable disasters, misfortunes.

The game "If I..." — the gist of it is the mental return to the past and the painful regret of what we did or did not do. For example: "it would be nice if I...:

Not married


Not the job

Threw Institute

Or if I :

Was patient

Bought this house

Born into a wealthy family

Would learn 5 languages

In this game, your inner critic demands that you have shown a unique ability to predict the future and punishes you for what you do not know how. In fact, playing this game, you REFUSE to ACKNOWLEDGE the REAL life UPS and downs, although THEY CAN contribute to YOUR PERSONAL GROWTH!

Game "it's his fault", here you accuse someone:

You are not careful

You don't know how to love

You're not thinking about me

You're a liar

You're cruel

Or complain: "Look what he/she did to me(and)..."

Such fixation, and the constant return to past grievances hinders constructive activity in the present.

The game is "Perfect", here the arguments are as follows: "if I do, then something terrible would happen". However, as a result of self-observation we can conclude: "I am again trying to find the perfect option for the future, although I understand that it does not exist. I just NEEDED an EXCUSE TO DO NOTHING at all.

Game " with me! Nobody loves me because I:




Don't know how to drive

I have no Rope

But how exactly do you KNOW that?! Who does not love you? Maybe YOU YOURSELF don'T LIKE, for example, that you are "too fat"? Whenever you feel that someone else thinks of you or treats you a certain way, make sure that YOU don'T ASCRIBE to HIM YOUR OWN THOUGHTS OR feelings.

The game " He better," the player says something like: "I'm sure:

Chief loves him more than me

People find it more attractive

He earns more

At it's best ...

Playing this game constantly compare yourself with this person, suffering from it. More suited for this comparison, a classmate who became: a judge of the highest category, a millionaire, famous star and so on.

The game " what the neighbors, relatives," what will people think if :

I will divorce my wife

I will not divorce with his wife

My son was expelled from the Institute

I can't find decent work

I changed jobs

Become a ballerina, etc

The game " Pessimist, why bother? So I did, still will not be better".

And games such tens and hundreds!

What game are you playing?

Whenever you notice that thoughts are carried away into the familiar given dreams and not very bright fantasies, stop yourself!

Ask yourself questions: what am I thinking? How I feel right now? This can come back to reality and prevent negative stereotypical thoughts! Listen to the sound of his steps or breath, you are in the present time "now" you go and sit in a chair that is vacurg you? Spring upon the outside, in reality...


Author: Hermes Ksenia

Source: www.b17.ru/article/26416/


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