Letter new wife's ex-husband — a touching story Candace Curry

This letter she wrote to the new wife of her former husband. She burst into tears. And you'll understand why! A woman named candice Curry wrote a letter to the new wife of her former husband named Ashley. It hit the Internet and went viral. Forty six million seventy three thousand eight hundred eighty five

This letter is read by millions of people around the world. Thousands of them it made me cry.

"Dearest stepmother of my daughter!

I never wanted to see you. You were never part of my plan to life.

I grew up and dreamed of a normal family. And she was with me until then, until you came along.

I didn't want my daughter raised by someone other than me. My husband had to live with me and our two children. But it so happened that he first met you, and then divorced me. And my daughter left with you.

I doubt you ever wanted to meet me. I doubt that you planned on becoming a mother to a child, who did not give birth. I can bet that you were planning to start a family with just your husband and your children. I bet you're not going to become mother on the wedding day with her husband.

But God has his plans. And we are so small that it is not interested in.

I also could not assume that my family will fall apart, and its pieces will form two new families. I somehow think that my daughter would prefer that I was her mother, not you!

There was a time when I literally prayed that my daughter realized that her father had put her happiness on the second place after his own. At that moment I was so mad at everything around, I couldn't control myself. I'm not going to put up with the fact that another woman would mother my child.

But then you came along. When I first saw you, the fit of jealousy and anger was in my chest so strong that I almost fainted. Remember how disgusting and inhumane I showed you? Even worse, that you were not weird and ugly, and the stunningly beautiful woman. You're not supposed to be!

Young, nice and beautiful woman near my husband and my child is unbearably painful!

You messed up all my plans, ruined my life. But the look on your face I then realized that you just hate as I do. My heart softened. And you have such a kind smile... In fact, I have so much to hate you. But I can't.

Now I feel only gratitude. You agreed to take my daughter from the very beginning to her well-treated. You are unconditionally loved her. If she is your own blood. And it certainly deserves respect.

So in a sense, you became a real gift for all of us. I know that you take our daughter with her everywhere and make her feel loved. You know that her father is her father, and not against me. So she now has two moms — I'm afraid that there won't be one. Only the brave, courageous and wise woman can treat the child and family with such grace.

I knew that when I divorced my husband, then my daughter will miss me. I knew she was going to need a mother. And I'm grateful that you helped her become. I'm happy that she's a teenager, but equally well applies to me and to you and to your father. She wanted her mother living with her, and you handled it perfectly.

You always understood me and never criticized. Even when I behaved like a pig. I know this attitude is rare.

Somehow it seems to me that mothers are not often write letters to stepmothers to their children in order to remind you that they love and respect them. You're a gift! Due to the fact that you are raising my daughter right and teach her the right things, she will grow a great woman. A woman who grew up in love.

Living with you is not her choice, and one can hardly expect that your parents will ever get divorced. But I'm so glad that you allowed her to have four, not two parents. And they all love and respect her as a person.

I don't know how you managed it, but I feel that my daughter with the same love applies to you and to me. She could excitedly and happily to call you when it is in my house. I appreciate that she wants to share the joy, not only with me or her father, but with you. I feel proud when I see such a child.

I suspect that to be not native, but loving mother is very difficult. I know it is very hard work. And I know that with my daughter was difficult, and initially she, like all children, you refused to accept. You went a long way, and I admire you! Thank you for what you've been wise to respect all members of our now large family.

I promise that I will always appreciate and respect your contribution to the education of our daughter. I promise I will never downplay your role in its formation.

I'll never make you feel that you're not her mother. Or that you're less of her mother than I am. I believe that when she'll be an adult, you will understand that we had to pass in order for her to have two moms.

I promise that I will be her example of how to behave as women whose children didn't grow up with them. You're a diamond. You are a rare and beautiful stone. I love you. Yes, God bless you!"

Millions of people read this letter and was impressed. And you know that said she is the stepmother of Ashley?

"Candace, I don't know what to say. I'm not very good with words, and certainly do not know how to write beautifully like you. All I can say is that I cried when I read to the end. You made me feel special. Thank you for this letter. I'll keep him for a lifetime.

And, Yes, I love you...»


Author: Konstantin Shiyan

Source: lifter.com.ua/post/547


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