Those funny animals: Motocykl about the friendship between a Golden Retriever and chickens

A dog's life is not always sadness and melancholy. The owner is to take care of his pet to give him, as he becomes the happiest in the world and radiates a positive. On this cheerful dog champion today and will be discussed. His owner, candice Seihan (Candice Sedighan) presented our photo shoot of your pet in company with the lovely creatures called chickens.

Talking about the history of friendship Champion, Chicks, candice Sedian recalls how once met a man who didn't know where to place inexperienced Chicks. He got them in the incubator, kept in an ordinary box, but when the kids began to grow, simply can not imagine how to cope with them. Compassionate Candace offered to give chickens to the local agrokolledzh, and took them to his home for a few days, have not yet agreed with management.


Candice Sedian worried, as perceived champion of the temporary guests. Dog for 11 years, he was well educated and from time to time the mistress is giving him a photo shoot, so much difficulty during familiarization was not. Retriever calmly took the kids and after some time is already touching the "posed" for sharing photos.


Candice Sedian loves his dog, in the pictures it looks nice, kind and calm. The photographer admits that its main goal is to show how harmless might be an adult dog, because most people pay attention to the puppies. Kids are much more willing to take to shelters, they are faster hosts. Candice Sedian wants to believe that, thanks to her photographic projects, and adult dogs will have a chance to find a new family and live a full life, basking in the love and care.





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