The most idiotic profession

If you sit all day in the office, raking reports, or telling customers what good makeup makes your company, it does not mean that you have a bad job. There are people who have 40 hours a week eat dog food, a strange smell or fume separate the boys from the chick-chick-girls.

10 photo + letter

1.chelovek that bad breath is smelling

The most valuable worker for the company for the production of chewing gum. It helps to understand whether or not the product.

2.Degustator pet

Since dogs and cats can not express their opinion on the feed, this has been a specialist.

3. specialist whiskey
Occupation - the dream of every man. It is necessary to regularly drink whiskey to clearly explain to customers how to quickly insert a whiskey, and after a glass can be disabled.

Everything related to UFOs - Activity ufologist. History, eyewitness accounts, government secrets, etc. If the unknown - your element, then a career ufologist is a good start.

5. cryptozoology
Occupation is akin to ufologists. Cryptozoology - people who talk on television that Bigfoot, the chupacabra, and the Loch Ness monster really exist, resulting in this scientific evidence.

6. sorter chickens
Specialist chickens all day trying to determine the sex of a chicken and sorts them according to the findings. It's not like kittens peeking under the tail.

7. patoekolog
The most amusing profession from the list. Patoekologi poking around in the shit that many thousands of years, to determine what our ancestors ate.

8. Voice actor
These people are standing in front of the microphone in the studio and rumble plates, glasses ring, fire crackers to voice the whole atmosphere of the film.

9.Pchelovod specializing in bee
These people do not just throw the bees - they are growing uterus, dooming themselves to the constant anger of other residents of the hive. Collect honey in comparison with the occupation - razminochka.

10. screenwriter terrible tricks
The complex and thankless profession. These people engage in stunt in which people climb by spiders, scorpions and other muck. It is important to bear Ballance between entertainment and security.



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