15 breeds of dogs, a reality that is hard to believe

What kind of dog breeds today just does not exist! There is a Brussels Griffon, and the Peruvian hairless dog, and dogs, and the Bernese Mountain Dog. It seems we already difficult than a surprise.

< Website just loves dogs, so could not get past these amazing and unique dogs. We picked for you pictures of the most rare and unusual four-legged pets that are definitely not leave you indifferent.

Blue eyes went from this handsome husky and golden fur and fox ears from Pomeranian.

For this kind of defenseless baby hidden strength of a Siberian husky and golden retriever endurance.

This amazing dog turned through crossbreeding and exotic Spitz Shiba Inu.

This dog is not without reason, inspires respect and awe, because in it the blood of both the Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd.

Hard to believe that such a charming mom dogs - regular fee, and Dad - Golden Retriever


This puppy, more like a bear, should be grateful to their parents (Chow and Spitz) for such a unique and unusual fur color.

This charming kid half Husky, half Labrador.

This amazing dog has turned due to familiarity with the Huskies welsh corgi.

At first glance it seems that the retriever unevenly painted with black paint, but looking closer, the PSE can see the features and Rottweiler.

For its charm, this dog can thank their parents - Pomeranian and an Australian shepherd dog


This handsome obviously have something to be proud of, because it is unique in its kind. In it you can see the features of a pug and chihuahua easily.

What do you get if you mix a stubborn but charming shiba inu and playful and carefree Corgi? The result is in front of you.

Apparently, from mom-Spitz got this French Bulldog cute ears only.

His unusual appearance this little chihuahua is obliged to mom and dad-Spitz.

Collie and Husky in one person - an amazing combination of beauty and strength

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What do you get if you mix two dog breeds

15 dogs who are convinced that they were

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