This very unusual golden retriever friends. So the company!

We all know that dogs - our loyal friends. They, like small children very much like to play. And if there's cheerful company, it will not have time to faint. An excellent recipe for boredom can share golden retriever Bob, who lives with his team in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Edition have recently written about the unusual friendship between a kitten and owl. But the dog, parrot and hamster 8 poteshat least. But the dog, parrot and hamster 8 poteshat least.

Bob Joyful anticipation Igor and his beloved company.

And that's not all!

All 8 parrots assembled.

Call to hamster ...

nemnozhno gain strength.

Now, Igor!

So we stick together.

Once again, I convinced that the great friendship of animals there is no limit. It's time to make yourself and your company playful companions. And how do you this idea? Share, Learn and his friends!


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