The most original children's furniture from contemporary designers

Modern designers say: a great way to teach children to think creatively – to put in the nursery soft furniture-Tetris or table for drawing as a caterpillar. This review is dedicated to the most original design of furniture for children.
Today's designers believe that the original children's furniture as unconventionally decorated playgrounds should not only lift your mood, but also to develop the imagination. Below are the best examples of designer furniture for children.
Cute stools "Bambi" (Bambi Chairs) – the work of Japanese creative Miyakawa, Takeshi (Takeshi Miyakawa). Fur trim seat painted up to look like deerskin, and the legs and horns of a chair made from oak.

Twenty three million four hundred eighty nine thousand two hundred ninety six

Peter Bristol (Peter Bristol) also took into account the needs of both parents and kids. He created the "Educational Bureau" (Training Dresser) is designed to teach children the habit of cleanliness and order. Form boxes – a visual guide, clear even the smallest.

Eighty one million seventy four thousand seven hundred one

Set of upholstered furniture by Studio Lawrence is a real find for adult geeks and teenagers. Armrests, cushions and chairs were made in the form of cubes Tetris, you can combine to your taste.

Thirty two million seven hundred thirty eight thousand seven hundred six

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