Your life - it's Tetris. Do not try to play chess


Life is not just compared with the game, but Thor Bair brilliantly explained by the example of all the rules of Tetris and chess.

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I played chess with seven. They taught me patience, perseverance and the ability to critically evaluate the situation. These are important skills that will help you cope with life's difficulties. I'm seriously addicted to this game 15 years, until he decided to quit playing. Around the same time I got my first cell phone. There were no social networks and internet access, but the phone gave me a new favorite game - Tetris. And with it the awareness of how, in fact, our life is like this uncomplicated game. Unlike chess, which is essentially just an imitation of the military battle.

I will present four major differences. Perhaps you, too, as I was once, not playing by the rules.

1. In life, your only opponent - you yourself h3> Since childhood, I was looking for someone to fight with, someone to blame and try to prove to someone that he is wrong. I imagined enemies, even where they were not, because the fight was so easy. This thinking chess. And it did not allow me to move forward.

< Tetris you play only against time and an endless stream of figures that are falling from the top You sostredotocheny -. You need to manage the building blocks and build them in a certain order. Here there is no one to blame and judge.

In reality, life - it is an internal game. There are no enemies, there is no right or wrong steps, which can lead to win the opponent. Account in your favor can grow to infinity, one has only to make an effort. And it can grow faster or slower, depending on how hard you try.

2. Life does not become more difficult - it just accelerates h3> There are games that are complicated in the process - like chess. The moves are becoming more complex, the players - all the more difficult to make decisions, the stakes grow
Tetris is different. The game remains the same from beginning to end. The only thing that is changing - it's speed. If you have played Tetris for life on the lowest speed, most likely you would not have lost. Well, perhaps that would be tired. But more often, playing Tetris, we deliberately complicate the task itself. Create more than one series of cubes, but four. It's so fun to play, right?

I have long been subordinated to the life rules of the game of chess. Continuing to complicate their task, inventing problems where there were none. But life has not become more difficult. As we age, we become wiser and earn more, our independence is growing. We do not have to look for difficulties, but we are looking for, because self-realization is very important for a person.

However, life is accelerating. < With each passing day, our perception of time is changing, it seems to fly faster. The responsibilities are constantly increasing, and that should bring joy to us annoying, or we do not notice it. Yield: learn as Tetris, to control life at high speeds. Monitor your consciousness, behavior and time.

3. Life is unpredictable h3> In chess in every situation there is a better move. You can drive the enemy into a corner, or even to count the game by 20 steps forward. There are clear rules, the initial position of the figures is always the same, and they move only in certain ways. Chess - a closed system, there is no place zdest random events and blind chance
A Tetris? All that you know - what will be the next figure. < You're playing at the moment and can not predict what will happen next. You do not be fooled into thinking that you can control the future.

Life is unpredictable. Events can arise as you like, and you can not accurately predict the outcome of our actions. Do not try to guess what kind of figure will throw your life. Do everything depends on you, but do not try to take control of everything.

4. In life, there are no winners h3> you know exactly in a chess game that has won when checkmated his opponent's king. You see the tournament results and feel satisfaction. I remember the day when I stopped playing chess. Then I won the tournament. But I do not feel anything. And then I realized that I was, in fact, I already lost.

The decision to quit the play was difficult, frightening, but I felt better. My thinking has been reconstructed, and the prospects of finally cleared.

I started playing Tetris. I decided to play every day, not for victory, but for the sake of the game. How long will I stretch out, at what speed I can play, what will be the score? The game trains my determination, my focus, my will continue to play, without being able to influence the outcome.

And to live, too, is for life. No need to search for opponents and try to control everything. I understand that this is only a matter of perspective. And chess and Tetris require patience, determination and freedom of thought.

< Choose the right game, because only you decide himself what rules to play.



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