Tetris can improve Your eyesight

Almost three percent of the Earth's inhabitants suffer from amblyopia. This disease is also called "lazy eye" where one eye sees worse than the other. The weakening of visual acuity can occur for different reasons. The most popular method of treatment of amblyopia in the early stages of the disease involves closing one good eye for strengthening visual load on visually impaired eyes. This method works well with children, but not effective in the treatment of amblyopia in adults. Canadian scientists have found a new, more effective way of restoring vision.

Researchers from McGill University in Montreal (Canada) claim that the game "Tetris" can help adults to finally get rid of amblyopia. According to them, the game causes the eyes to work together, complementing each other.

Amblyopia is due to poor brain processing of visual information, which leads to suppression of the weak eye strong eye. Guiding falling blocks in various geometric shapes, the patient not only gets a fun game of "Tetris", but also makes the brain equally to process images coming from two eyes.

The study involved two groups of 9 persons suffering from amblyopia. While the first group played a computer game with a taped good eye, the other used the video glasses that displays the image for each eye separately. In the latter case, in one eye displayed the image of falling objects, and other blocks from the United colorful figures.

Two weeks later, the scientists checked the results. As it turned out, the second group showed a significant improvement of perception weak eye images, including three-dimensional. The results of the first group were not as impressive, but the problem was solved when an eye patch was replaced by videojockey.

Later this year a team of researchers plans to apply the new method of treatment of poor vision to children.

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