Art Hand paintings on hands

This interesting art form appeared at the intersection of body art and shadow theater. We all had a little play, folding her hands so that was a figure of the animal.

And also, we all had to see "living sculptures" in the style of body art. Well, hand art (hаnd-art) combines features of both: here artists create entire sculptures out of hand, just took a brush and paint. The hand model is folded in a special way and paint, creating a variety of shapes.


Sometimes it turns out so natural, that it is impossible from first glance to understand that this is just a picture, or in front of You is actually an animal. Often this sort of art is used even for commercial purposes.

For example, the artist Guido Daniele has made a series of these images at the request of AT & T that provides cellular services. So, the objective of these works was advertising of the roaming service in different countries.

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