Body art on your toes

Artistic experiments and real masterpieces of painting on rukah.Bodi art (Eng. Body Art - «body art") is one of the forms of avant-garde art, where creativity becomes the main object of the human body.

Contents disclosed by a non-verbal language: postures, gestures, facial expressions, applied to the body of characters, "decorations". The subject of body art can also act drawings, photos, videos and dummies body.

Ray MasseyBritansky photographer Ray Massey lot of time devoted to body-art. His photographs are artistically painted with hands and fingers cause a certain illusion - did not immediately realize that the figures are composed only of the hands. No matter how look at a picture with a fountain pen, it is difficult to believe that it is simply drawn on the finger of the hand

Guido Daniele DanieleGvido 62 years old, he lives and works in Milan. In the advertising world, he is known for many years a successful campaign mobile operator AT & T «Works in over 200 countries," with painted hands. To show the creative style of various countries on the prints on display only phone and symbolically painted hands.

His animals are drawn to human hands, too, has repeatedly appeared in the advertisement. The artist calls his pets «Handimals» (born from the merger. Hand and animals), ie "Rukozveri." And it seems there is not an animal on earth, which would not Guido Daniele redrew on his hands with surprising accuracy. Theatre of hand shadows Guido Daniele combined with painting, setting off a new trend in contemporary art - biomorphic body art. For the first time appeared on the Internet a few years ago, "Rukozveri" Guido Daniele real sensation.

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