Body Art by Emma Hack

Body art is still considered an exotic art form, but to surprise capricious esthete artists constantly need to invent something new. Well, or make filigree perfection in his work, as did Australian artist Emma Hack. Emma is deservedly considered one of the best body in the world artery and its exhibitions are always a highlight. In his works it is possible to achieve the effect of an optical illusion: the viewer sees first pattern, and then later distinguish the outline of a naked girl or guy. "Horse" Emma Heck - body art, combined with designer wallpaper. Drawing on the model of the body to the millimeter copies the pattern on the wallpaper. Photos posted on the Internet, of course, Photoshop, but only slightly-slightly.

I would never have thought that such beauty can be done fairly quickly, within a couple of hours. Meanwhile, Emma works that way. After that body art has turned out perfect, the paint must be fresh, and the model should not be tired. In general, model Emma probably accounts for all the harder: in fact they have to stand motionless in the same position, but it's damn hard. For the experiment, try to stand for at least ten minutes, without changing his position and not budging)))

One of the latest conceptual works Emma Heck - "car" of the bodies. Thus, the artist wanted to draw attention to the problem avtolihachestva to say: this is what happens to those who exceed the speed!

Emma and her model



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