Spring-Summer 2012

Every girl wants to look stylish and beautiful at any time of year, but especially the craving for beauty is exacerbated in the spring and ends in summer. In anticipation of the warm denёchkov girls are ready to buy all your favorite things completely oblivious to fashion trends, which I do not advise you to depend on, but to take them to the review could and should be, because it is from these seemingly useless "knowledge" it depends, as you are watching other ladies - with admiration or disdain. Remember that meet on clothes and to like yourself and others this spring and summer, do not neglect the fashion trends that are presented in this post. It is clear that not every trend you fancy, but something for himself still makes sense to allocate. Today it is the basic must-have-s spring and summer of 2012.

Pastel colors

Clothing muted subtle tones that the season is popular not only among fashion bloggers, posts which appear frequently on our website, but also in women who are not indifferent to the whole bright and moving. Pastel colors set up in a positive way and relax the person, but because the people around you will be very pleased to witness such things in your color scheme. Spring can be not only brighter, but also natural.

Print «peas»

This cute and fun colors perfect for spring, full of emotions and experiences. In "blindsided" blouse can go anywhere, because this print will look appropriate on a friendly outing and a business meeting. And in the feast, and in the world, and good people.

Short tops

Now the "mini" are not only skirts and tops. Short version of the ordinary topic has found a second life thanks to the designers for a long time, but that tops this summer will be short almost the hottest trend. Stars already in full show bows with these isotopes, and we are only preparing them for the hottest time of the year.

Bright sweater

Such warm, cozy, but it always attracts the attention of a sweater will be useful not only in spring, but in early summer when the night is still quite cool. Wear them is a pleasure, because they are free, comfortable (no extra zippers, buttons and other things), and are considered very fashionable. I think you yourself can tie a sweater, buy only thread ...


Celebrities shine Teleses in the body on stage, and in addition to the ordinary people and even body worn panties. Set of body and jeans / pants can be safely worn in the late spring of this year, because it is fashionable and creative. But I warn you that you must know when to stop! - The body can look went (even if you do not put a star on top and pants).

Print "vegetable little family»

I decided to name this print because of the fact that the choice really is from what. Onions, celery, peppers and other vegetables on things no longer considered to be some kind of "kolkhoz" and are a fashionable addition to the usual blouses, skirts and dresses. This coloring is relevant as never before.

Bright trench

Buying coat for spring period abstracted from black and dullness, opting for bright colors, and, believe me, you'll be the most stylish girl in the neighborhood :) Pay attention to the style of date this season (photo below).

Pleated skirts

This trend is not losing ground for the second year in a row, and the girls will only benefit! If you bought a skirt like last year, you can wear it in this, because you will still be the most-most. Especially at the peak - long pleated skirt.

Floral print

Nothing phenomenal new fashion world, we do not offer, and the trend "of the color circle" back to the leading lines. If last year were fashionable summer dresses with floral print, the print in 2012 remains the same, and the style changes. Now you'll be stylish just after dress will acquire such cards in the second photo. Please note that under a dress needs a beautiful hairstyle, make-up, accessories and shoes (all in order of increasing significance).

Decorated vests

Vests can be decorated with anything, even with ostrich feathers, but more importantly, as mentioned in the k / f "Magicians", to suit sat ... Choose vest on a figure, rather than 5 sizes larger or smaller.


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