About the hard work of the designer

The complexity and comic relations Customer and the Contractor have been the subject of correspondence to parodiy.Primer customer and artist talks about the hard work and results bedolagi designer, which asked for a familiar layout of ads about her missing cat.

So, e-mail correspondence secretary and designer David Shannon.

From: Shannon

Yesterday I opened the door on the porch and my cat ran and lost. I thought that if you're not too busy, would you draw for me the announcement of the loss? It should be A4 size, I've done with him up and decomposes in his district.

This is her only photo. It responds to the name Missy, her black-and-white, about 8 months. He lost on Harper Street. And my number. Thank you Sheng


From: Designer David Dear Shannon.
This is terrible news. A couple of customers, however, calculates that I passed it work this afternoon, but I'm here right now and throw all exert maximum efforts for the speedy return of Missy.

Sincerely, David

From: Shannon Well, thank you. I know you do not like cats, but I am very worried about my. Today, I'll have to escape to the hour of the day.


From: Designer David Dear Shannon, I never said that I do not like cats. I attached to the letter of the poster with your ad ordering.

From: Shannon Look, this is not what we need. It looks like a poster for the film. And why such a small photo Missy?


From: Designer David This design feature such. Cat lost in the negative space.

From: Shannon Are you crazy? You can do it as it should be, please? I'm all on the emotions because of this, not sleeping and cried all night. And you're joking here. You can increase the picture, fix the text and do it in color? Thank you.


From: Designer David Dear Shannon, I thought that a few years of work with the designers you could see that in spite of our slippery allusions constructive criticism we have seen in the coffin. I did not come to you and tell how to send SMS, for every rummaged Classmates and staring out the window. Classified as amended prilozhil.S username, David

From: Shannon

It's even worse than the previous one. You can put a photo to complete the mission and remove the moronic lyrics with her?

Just write Lost (Lost).


From: Designer David Get

From: Shannon Look, you can draw the ads or where? I only need a photo, the word lost and the telephone number and where it was lost and her name. No poster for the movie or what other debilizm. I do not have much time. If it was your cat I would help you.


From: Designer David I have no cats. I once agreed to look after the cat a week my friend. But only after he had introduced me to her and explained the concept of kitty litter. Like, put my version of your ads, of redesigned according to your exact instructions.

From: Shannon Are you with a bear? It's not my cat. Where did you get this photo? This cat redhead. I gave you a photo of my cat.


From: Designer David I know. But this simpatyavee. Given the fact that the mission, it may have found one of his violent end, you now can count on a cat better. If someone calls you and says, 'Ginger cat I have not seen, but found the black and white that moved the machine, you do not take it? "- You can politely refuse and spend a lot of money instead of the vet on something else.

From: Shannon Please use a photo that I sent you.


From: Designer David Keep

(signature - a reward of $ 2,000)

From: Shannon I'm not saying that there will be a reward. I have two thousand. Given the fact that all the rest - ideally, could you remove part of a reward?


From: Designer David Keep

(signature - compensation is not)

From: Shannon Be polite, put lyuboe mention about voznagrazhdenie. I have 10 minutes to go, but still have to make some copies.


From: Designer David

From: Shannon Okay. We will then Photocopier it.

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