The Chinese company showed printed 5-storey house

Last year we told you about Winsun, which is claimed that is capable of using a 3D printer to build 10 houses per day. However, the Chinese construction company did not stand still and now shows off its advanced technologies.

As reported by CNet, the company Winsun demonstrated the capabilities of its technology, which allows you to build a 5-storey building with a total area of 1100 square meters with a 3D printer.

It should be noted that for the construction of houses was created by a special printer, which has a size of 6.6 meters tall, 10 meters wide and 40 meters long. However, he produces only components of the future building. After that, the entire structure is assembled at the construction site with regard to all communication standards.

Unfortunately, the company Winsun does not tell how big can print the components of a 3D printer. However, according to the source, the size of the building blocks, indeed, impressive.

It should be noted that printing houses can by 30-60% to reduce the amount of construction waste, as well as 50-70% speed up the construction. The cost of a five-storey building is 161 000$.

In addition, when the building uses recyclable materials, thereby positively affecting the environment.




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