Psychological diet


In this article, we will consider such concept as psychological diet, its principles and several options menu.

Too often, a good appetite and attitude to life leads to the dimensionless consumption of food, which affects the health, impairs digestion and as a consequence, leads to obesity.

In some cases common cause of this absorption of food is a daily stress. No matter how it occurs. It can be innocuous things that are sometimes annoying and something more serious, such as a sense of frustration in men, depression, separation from a loved one, etc.

On the background of any stress people may begin to consume too much food, and products such as cake, pastries, fatty meat. Usually everyone who has this problem I am sure that is an improper diet is only a day the urge of the body, and the following day this chaos will end.

But often the next day everything repeats. How to get rid of excessive feelings of hunger and prevent serious problems like excess weight gain? There are so-called psychological diet that is successfully fighting this problem. Below are her main points:

• The most important thing is the positive attitude to life. Despite all the difficulties faced, it is important not to lose heart. The stronger you will be mentally, the less you will succumb to stress. Faith in yourself and your strength makes people stronger and more resistant to all problems.

• Try to always stick to a certain diet and not change it in stressful situations. For the body of unexpected restructuring in the food a certain load. To avoid this always eat what you want, but in small quantities. Spread the meals throughout the day and try to follow them regardless of situations. Sometimes arrange fasting days. It is good for health.

• Do not assume that the more products you eat, the more pleasure you get. This is not so. The pleasure you must get from the process of eating and on how it is served on the table. Always try to approach the table setting with responsibility. Let the beautifully decorated table pleases the eye, and a relaxed leisurely eating a pleasure. Do not rush to eat all at once, are placed on the table. Eat slowly, chewing food thoroughly.

• No need to overeat. As you know, after the adoption of the food should remain a slight sensation of hunger.

• Should not be distracted during meals on extraneous things, like watching TV especially if you stress that you see on the screen. This impairs digestion and General emotional background. Do not also simultaneously with a meal, read a book or newspaper. Try to devote time only to food intake and focus on the process.

• A bad habit is to eat something just to be someone company. If you do not want to have a better right to say this and sit with the man at the table, taking the food.

Describes the psychological diet is not complicated, but sometimes it is so hard to control myself. However, the whole life is some control and restrictions and only on the person depends on how he looks and feels.

Here are a few options psychological diet that will help to improve the physical and moral condition.

The first option
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with vegetables, coffee without sugar and a piece of bread and cheese.
Second Breakfast: a serving of nonfat yogurt.
Lunch: beef soup with rye bread.
Snack: cottage cheese casserole, herbal tea and biscuits.
Dinner: vegetable salad, a couple burgers, a glass of water.
Second dinner: fat-free yogurt.

The second option
Breakfast: oatmeal with jam, tea decoction of herbs.
Second Breakfast: serving of fruit depending on the season.
Lunch: fish soup, rye bread.
Snack: low-fat yogurt or kefir.
Dinner: vegetable stew with chicken, a glass of still water.
Second dinner: a fresh Apple.

The third option
Breakfast: cereal with pieces of dried fruit, a Cup of tea.
Second Breakfast: scrambled eggs or omelette.
Lunch: chicken soup with rye bread.
Snack: serving of fruit depending on the season.
Dinner: oven baked fish, vegetable salad of carrots and cabbage.
Second supper: a glass of nonfat yogurt.

The above diet is very useful in various disorders of weight and man, not suffering from excess pounds, but wants to lead a healthy lifestyle. Psychological diet boosts immunity, gives energy and charge a good mood. The high content of vitamins and minerals needed by the body is the key to a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing even in the face of the metropolis, where the daily routine can not put pressure on the morale.

However, when you switch on the psychological diet you should take into account the fact that it cannot be abused. A few weeks – now its maximum period. You should also pay attention to the well-being during dieting. If you feel that you'll be able to lose weight or want to follow this diet during pregnancy and lactation, then you need to treat it with caution. Overall, with proper compliance, you can remove up to five pounds in a few weeks.


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