What we don't know about office paper

The invention of paper 22 centuries ago and the machine of Gutenberg, designed in the mid-fifteenth century, marked the beginning of global changes in civilization. Today we have paper for the printer and the printer itself, the life without which it is difficult to imagine. Just as shrouded in mystery machine Russian first printer and the activity itself is legendary Ivan Fedorov, the modern printers also have their secrets.

Printer inkbefore That ink used in printers, then they are created on the basis of oil. Similar formulas were used to create the colors in the first printing machines and, in particular, of the Gutenberg press. Now the ink based on oil used in inkjet printers. They are considered the most expensive cost since it is composed (except oil) a valuable chemical elements, allowing the text:

  • long stored on paper;
  • to be clearly printed.
How to calculate counterfeitersQuite interesting details became public in 2005. It was found that all printed using color printers pages have a hidden bar-code that belongs to a particular company for production printers. Really, if you look real close, you can see the yellow dots. Under them and hid the code. This technique was used by all companies (except Samsung) by prior arrangement. As it turned out, this was done to combat counterfeiters.

Falsevoice was such a major undertaking, even in Russia for 15 years took place the registration of all owners and buyers of color printers. Collected data contained information about the possible owners and guarded by specially appointed police officers.

As you know, photo paper is epson and any other office paper enjoys great popularity. Despite correspondence through social networks and the use of electronic documents, the amount of paper used each year is only growing. Why — it is impossible to logically explain.



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