Secrets of our Mothers

Mom loves and cares about you from the first seconds of your life. The birth of a child is a huge miracle, but it has the downside that we don't often think about. Here are 8 things that you hardly ever told mom.

You brought her to tears. Repeatedly.

She cried when she found out she was pregnant. She cried when you gave birth and when I first held you in my arms. She was crying from happiness and grief, because she feels your joy and pain, regardless of, you noticed it or not.

She wanted to eat the last piece of pie!

She really wanted this. But when she saw what eyes you look at him, she decided to please their child for lunch — much more important than his own desires.

She's always there for you afraid.

From the moment you first breath she did everything she could to take care of you. Every time you left the house, she was looking forward to your return. Every time you were sick, she was there.

She was in pain.

Not only during childbirth. While she was pregnant with you she was sick, did you knock her in the ribs, and then another, and biting during breastfeeding. You brought her so much physical pain!

She knows she's not perfect.

She's her own tough critic. She knows all your mistakes and hate yourself for them. Naturally, she wanted to be the perfect mother. Nobody's perfect, so she wanted to go back and make everything better. However, she did do the best for you.

Your tears always break her heart.

Your crying is the worst sound for her. She would do anything to stop your tears, but if it still failed, her heart was broken into thousands of small pieces.

She loves to watch you while you sleep.

After you fell asleep soundly after a hard day, she watched you while you slept. If at this moment you opened your eyes, you would see how much love and tenderness was in her eyes.

She would do it all over again.

Despite all the pain and frustration that she went through, she wouldn't abandon you under any circumstances! After all, the child is the most important thing in life of any woman.
We often get mad at my mom and think she doesn't understand. But in fact she wishes us only the best and are always ready to yield their own interests for our benefit. This is to think often. So why don't you go and say "thank you" to your mom for everything she's done for you right now? published



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