3 ineffective and harmful exercises for the abs

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We decided to show how NOT to load your abdominal muscles (Yes, the so-called press). This is a very important muscle group for anyone who deals with fitness.1. The flexion of the trunk on samedovym this exercise for the press was almost the only one. The question was only what's the slope to give the bench and where to put your hands. However, modern sports medicine cautions against the use of this exercise.

Let's start with the fact that this exercise is not the most effective. Really effective for the abs, the amplitude of motion is quite short and during flexion of the torso on the bench most of the traffic you are doing nothing.

But the worst thing in this exercise is the potential harm for the back. During exercise, the bending of the torso on the bench occurs a compression load on the lower back, which exceeds the recommended threshold approved by the American National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety. Their report States that prolonged strain during flexion of the torso on the bench may eventually lead to various disorders in the back, increase the risk of spinal hernia, the accumulation of negative background, which can result in various injuries.

2. Leg Throws

You lie, and your partner during this exercise, throws your legs down and you try to put them neatly and again to lift up. "Eliminate that abdominal exercises from your program," says Cedric Bryant, chief scientist at the American Council on Exercise for similar reasons — excessive stress on the lumbar spine. If you have had problems with the lower back and lower back this exercise can cause pain. And even if the exercise does not cause immediate pain effect, it can cause chronic back pain.

3. Exercises in the simulator class Ab Circle Gokak regrettable, but the shops on the couch with a bunch of magical things for a couple of weeks will create cubes on your press, are thriving. One of the most famous in the world, "magic trainers" — Ab Circle Pro, according to the advertisement promised "to remove 10 pounds (about 5 kg) for 2 weeks" and even mentioned the local fat loss in the abdomen. In the end, the US manufacturer of the simulator was fined $9.3 million for untrue advertising.

But in countries like Russia, like advertising claims, apparently, has long been considered the norm. And buy Ab Circle Pro you can easily at a price of 3.5 thousand rubles. The essence of this simulator according to Dr. Bryant, to ease the workload at the completion of the movements. According to studies, the ordinary flexion of the trunk on the floor more effective than Ab Circle Pro. published


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