Talking about our body

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Doctors believe that our body is "suddenly" and nothing happens.

And even the slightest change in our appearance this morning talking about the fact that health is something went wrong…

Few of us are subject to regular medical examination. But warning signals of the body about starting problems we can consider ourselves in the open areas of the body.

Chapped lips

If, along with cracks on lips and corners of the mouth there is muscle weakness, problems with concentration and hard hair fall is a serious signal of a lack of vitamin B2 (Riboflavin). Unbalanced quickly restore milk products, eggs, peanuts, peaches, soybeans, pears, tomatoes and cauliflower.

White patches on the tongue

Is the companion of those who long to fast or cold. But if the background of enveloping a white plaque is clearly manifested redness of the edges of the tongue, it is very probable gastritis.

Pale grey coating on the tongue

Disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. With simultaneous swelling of the lips and dryness of the skin the body will likely not have enough iron. Urgent countermeasures: less black coffee and tea (they block the absorption of valuable elements), more parsley, liver, fish and mushrooms, and a lot more apples and citrus.

Dry mouth

A normal reaction to stress and anxiety. If the dryness lasts for a long time and it is accompanied by irritability, then you do not have enough vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid). A lot of this vitamin in poultry, nuts, beef, sprouted wheat germ.
To dry mouth and sometimes causes inflammation of the salivary glands, as well as the initial manifestations of diabetes.


If it is not associated with the yesterday's rapid feast or unpeeled teeth, you should check the level of blood sugar (diabetes), to "enlighten" the liver, kidneys (ammonia smell), to cure chronic bronchitis (putrid smell).

Flaky skin

Often scales the signal of a lack of vitamins A and B2. Good nutrition will quickly bring the skin back to normal. If the peeling is accompanied by severe itching, then without hesitation it is necessary to consult a doctor is a serious risk of fungal diseases.
Bluish spots when they arise from even mild depression on the skin, mean that there are problems with blood clotting or liver function. Clarity can only be made by laboratory tests.

Raised, tender eyelids

Often the body signals the kidney problems, especially if you experience General weakness, cold and pale skin.

Painful eye sensitivity to bright light
Payback for the abuse of alcohol and tobacco. It's time to stop! Sometimes it's a symptom of "hay fever" (hay fever – Allergy flowering plants), more often a sign of vitamin A deficiency, and then you have to eat more cheese, carrots and tomatoes.

In the body, there's inflammation from the common cold to more serious when it is necessary the intervention of doctors.

Dark urine

Most likely, you just nedopivaete liquid to the desired amount. But if the output of dark urine is accompanied by fever and weakness, it is quite likely more dangerous diseases of the genitourinary system, to understand which can only be a urologist.

Frequent bleeding from the nose

It's time to regularly measure blood pressure. If promoted – the cause is found and should be treated hypertension. If the pressure is normal, it means you do not have enough vitamin K. you'll Have to -- to lay to the cabbage, spinach and nettle soup.

Raised sweating

Examine the thyroid gland. If you profusely sweat at night – is a symptom of nervous exhaustion.

Slow healing of wounds
You have a zinc deficiency, which is filled with seafood and legumes.

The transverse groove on the nail (one)

Corrupted growth zone of the nail. Multiple striations occur due to vitamin deficiency or severe chronic stress.

Longitudinal grooves on the nail

Almost always a sign of poor digestion. If the grooves remain for a long time, be sure to inspect the pancreas

Change the color of the whites of the eyes, bruises and dark circles under the eyesIf the whites of the eyes (sclera) flushed, measure the pressure, rather, it increased. Yellow indicates a high content of bilirubin in the liver and breach of its enzymatic function. The bruises and dark circles under the eyes often fatigue and lack of sleep, but doctors recommend checking heart. Very often these symptoms are the first symptoms of heart disease. If the doctors ruled out diseases, with bruises and bags can be overcome. The best way to get rid of bags under the eyes ....of hemorrhoid creams.
But this way beauticians do not recommend to use often, this ointment greatly constricts blood vessels: although the bags disappear instantly, the delicate skin around the eyes goes off. Another way massage. Every morning for 5 minutes to do a circular motion around the eyes with ring fingers, pressing lightly. The main rule is to do it very slowly. Bags and dark circles under the eyes appear due to stagnation of lymph, it's what we "kicked out" massage. And as the lymph is flowing very slowly, the sense from quick circular movements will not.Pimples and blackheads on the face

Our skin to internal organs, like "the notebook." And if they fail in their duties, "write" us about this rash. Surprisingly, in this book, each on its own page – or rather, your part of the body. If in the lungs accumulated excess mucus and fluid, small reddish pimples will bloom you have on the cheeks. What to do: prepare the cocktail: 0, 5 cups of chopped leaf aloe, 0.5 cups of crushed peel of fresh lemon and 2 cups of honey, infuse for a week. Take 3 tablespoons before each meal not less than 40 days. Then take a break for 10 days and repeat the course. Minimize consumption of dairy products, saturated fat and sugar at the time of treatment. If there, in her cheeks were not red bumps, and "abscesses" with white heads, you know, is "on strike" the intestines, it is safe to insist and make healing cocktail.
The constant eruption of red acne on my temples – a distress signal from the liver and gallbladder. What to do: clean the liver and gall bladder (this procedure does not hurt anyone, even people with clear skin). Pour in one Cup of olive or any other vegetable oil in another glass of squeezed lemon juice. Do 2-3 drop of oil, drink the same amount of juice in 15 minutes repeat, and so on. When the glasses are empty, bind hot-water bottle on liver area and lay down on his right side, hugging her knees to her stomach. Wanted to use the toilet? Warmer is no longer needed. Visiting the WC, you will see everything with your own eyes.
Any rashes on the face and scalp – the signal from the stomach. What to do: arrange a fasting day. Select one of these products: yogurt, juice, buckwheat, rice, cucumber, or any fruit. And just eat it all day in unlimited quantities. Would be good to give a "day off" the stomach at least once a week.
Red acne on the chin and lower jaw are evidence of the violation in the production of sex hormones, or inflammation and infections of the genitourinary system. This problem can only adjust the doctor, but before the visit it is best to abandon hot baths and baths. Heat treatments can aggravate the situation.

Pimples and acne on the back

Large red rash on the shoulder blades and the back, if they go along the spine, the signals of spinal problems, and if the pimples are along the edges – this is the first sign of muscle neuralgia.
What to do: straighten up! From poor posture, the distance between the disks decreases vertebrates, the vertebrae press on nerve endings and the blood circulation worsens, the result –on the skin. Twisting, massage, exercises for spinal traction and swimming will not only bring the skin back in order, but will add 2-3 inches in growth.


In the morning the ring is not too tight on your finger and worn shoes too tight? The reason could be dinner, salty food, alcohol, carbohydrates, canned and smoked foods retain water in the body, or more serious problems.
Renal edema appear on the face in the morning and the evening fall. As a rule, they are pale, loose and to keep the trail from depression.
Heart swelling appear in the evening in the abdomen, lower back and sexual organs – they are often accompanied by shortness of breath, cyanosis of lips, fingers feet and hands, swelling of neck veins.
Liver swelling come in the abdomen with spider veins, itching and yellowness of the skin in the area of edema.
What to do: prepare a diuretic infusion. Equal parts of bearberry leaves, birch buds, leaves of bilberry, crushed juniper fruit pour boiling water and keep for 15 minutes on low heat. The broth cool, strain and drink 2 tablespoons 5-6 times a day.
If the swelling is red and itchy is an allergic swelling, the broth will not help. What to do: doctors advise not to risk it – don't wait until all self-will, and take antiallergic medication. published 



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