Secondary instinct: the terrible secret of modern civilization

Humanity is tired of sex. He doesn't need it as much as the market imposes. Anfisa Chekhova, Sigmund Freud, Sharon stone, you already zadolbali with his basic instinct, give to live quietly.

This is probably the most terrible secret of modern civilization. Very few people have the courage publicly to declare: "Enough bare flesh! I do not want every day to beat the dust on their own or even someone else's bed! And through the day – do not want. I'm not interested to look at women because they have nothing to shoot! Why are these bastards that sit in the TV pond, the Internet pond and the pond is glossy, so I love to tickle my balls?! I have many other interests and desires! Comrade police-the police, don't stand there, do something with these concerned. You see they are violating my right to privacy".


"In the male body there is a small body which is always hungry if it try to satisfy, and always satisfied, if it hold in hunger" Is just to tell someone something like that, as he was immediately accused in the best case of homosexuality, at worst – in the impotence. And impotent is the most discriminated caste, worse blacks and terrorists. Why nobody speaks. I am the first. Know how scary?! Now you close your eyes and continue.

I'm all right. And with men's health and sexual orientation, and even with family. I'm not a maniac and not a prude. I love my wife, not only as the mother of my children. I can look at a good female figure and to wish its owner a partner, especially if the figure isn't the only thing a girl can offer. I can even, looking at another boat passing by in a skirt, sigh about something like this, but only sigh, because my wife is strict, just that – immediately causes damages.

Sometimes I go to such trips where there is no TV, Internet, and live women, but enough fresh air, silence, trees and physical activities. These trips are long. And each time I wonder the same: no complaints for my body, "basic instinct" does not show. When there are no external stimuli, no sparkly skin, that sex goes by the wayside, giving way to a human.

One day I was in the nuthouse and I had a conversation there with the doctor. It so happened that the hospital was forced to share territory with the monastery, so the interview quickly spread to the topic of abstinence: norm or deviation?

The response of the medical worker which, despite the proximity to the monastery, was far from churching, I was amazed. He, that is she said the following: the need of human beings in sexual intercourse to date, monstrously exaggerated. The level of sexuality, which is defined by the information space as a norm, peculiar unless people sick, not only mentally. Exocentric of consciousness characteristic of, for example, for the first stage of tuberculosis, certain skin diseases and even leprosy. Not to mention the fact that the very strong need for sex is observed in the majority of psychiatric patients.

– That is the work of Vladimir Vysotsky in the part where "the head physician Margulis the TV banned", medical right?

– This despite the fact that in the time of Vysotsky was an entirely different TV. I hate to think what will happen to our little hospital, if even for an hour we'll include it in the evening. About the mental health of those who watch TV "in the wild", I don't think. Otherwise she'll go crazy.

We all live in the power of brutal dictatorship. It is a dictatorship soft buttocks. Dictatorship large Breasts. The dictatorship of long legs and short sexual relationships.After this conversation I can't sit in front of the screen of the monitor, but involuntarily began to analyze the role of sexual ingredient in the information product that we consume and how it affects our behavior. And came to the conclusion that the image of Lenin of the Soviet era – this old starushkino chest, compared to the place in our minds now is the main sexual characters.

If someone wants to sell us at high prices something unnecessary, on the Billboard he puts next to these unnecessary half-naked woman – and we should immediately run to the store. And run.

If you are at least once a month, do not remove the pants with some new women's Asses, that means you're either ill, or not a man. We are given to understand, and we understand.

Market mental health seized the unfinished zikmundova descendants. Voice normal psychiatrists, drowning in a swamp of "media medicine." "The seed of the male is the stimulus that you need to constantly throw out!" "Regular extramarital sex life is the best remedy for depression!" Curious detail – the authors of such mantras usually have a complete set of signs of impotence: facial cellulitis, bald heads, bellies impressive. The reason for this, in my opinion, that if the person is incontinent, he is extravagant in everything: sex, zhrachke, booze and media ego.

Now try to talk with some muscular, fit doctor who in your pocket not bought crust socio-yard of the Academy, and honest state scientific status. He will explain to you that the tendency of a healthy body to temperance is not even a Christian virtue, but a medical fact. Men with physical attributes that are in the best shape, less likely to experience bouts of urgent desire to climb into someone's bed.

In Ancient Greece it was commonplace abstinence athletes, and in our days, the athletes of other more reticent towards the weaker sex. Strong, courageous, accomplished man does not make a cult of sex, is not his slave. On the contrary, he is the master of this instinct, he knows what he wants, who he wants just so his seed is not scattered. And weak – physically, psychologically and status and allows himself to consider the need for reproduction "basic instinct". Only in these eyes all the time prowl bare thighs, and his hands are constantly reaching to the wrong place. The result of such indiscriminate and meaningless sex life — mutual degradation: and the one who top and who bottom.

Once a long time ago when it was still possible to think with your head, not your ball sack and someone else's Breasts, someone very clever said: "In the male body there is a small body which is always hungry if it try to satisfy, and always satisfied, if it hold in hunger". Forecasters say soon, spring will begin. Time to be a man. Real.

Author: Dmitry Sokolov-Mitrich


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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