Anti-bugs for dieters

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You think everything about it is already know? Let's see. Bug No. 1. "To lose weight, you need to start to do it"

In fact, to lose weight, it would be good to get involved with something completely different, really. So that the thought of food didn't have the time, so that the heart was the excitement and exhilaration as if you have a blood — endogenous stimulant. It would be ideal. Then the weight loss would happen very quickly, safely, and the weight wouldn't come back because the brain did not create no fat is protective of the programs that it creates when you "busy losing weight."

What happens when you're on a diet, and all your thoughts are devoted to counting calories and bdim? Your mental field begins to fully take the food. Piles of pork sausages, hot pies, buckets of condensed milk fill your poor brain. Even if earlier you were interested in something else, now you are beginning to wonder just food. Your brain is only concerned with food, its program — the search of food, and if you also do not give him this food, it lowers your metabolism and alters brain chemistry to first, forcing you to eat at any cost, and secondly, to keep your existing fat, for what it's worth, thirdly, as soon as the stomach gets food, try it as send in the fat depots in order to slightly reduce the scale of the problem facing them.

Many already know that in case of unrequited love or other such problems, you should try to be distracted by anything and free your brain from the web of addiction. But with food this many is unclear. They count calories, thinking about weight loss, literally follow the work of your stomach, so that after some time become completely obsessed with food, her fanatics to instill in a nervous bulimia, or hate this food to anorexia nervosa. It is as if, having fallen in love for the miserable way you would think about your favorite 24 hours a day, review it the pictures, read the archives of its web pages to talk about it. Would it help to get rid of dependence? But losing weight the person wants to get sober. So why is it that you need "hard to do"?

Bug №2. "First you have to lose fat, then swing muscle" or "Weight loss happens in the kitchen not in the gym»

I have written many times, and not only I, of course, that the muscle fat burners and that muscle starving the body gets rid of in the first place (starving I call any body, not dobrushi daily calorie consumption and PFC). Especially actively getting rid of muscles in the human body, which is not power. Muscle such the body does not need, but fat is very necessary, especially in the period of the hunger strike becomes relevant. Therefore, most importantly, what you can do for your body is not allow it to burn muscle more than fat, but it needs it be sure to properly feed and constantly train and not on a treadmill, and weights (my weight too). Don't look for workarounds, the best way is this.

Also it is foolish to hope that skinny body in which the muscles had nothing left, buttocks sagged, arms and hips become limp and liquid, able to pump up some muscles out of thin air. A little bit dry that is, Yes. But to be rounded at least a little, at least in some areas, will have to sit on high-calorie diet and again to gain weight, along with fat, and then dry. And it will be much harder and more harmful than the original to try to preserve muscle, which is under a thick fat layer is enough and can be made into a beautiful figure.

Please note, build muscle a thousand times more difficult than losing. They are lost very quickly, on a simple hunger strike, literally melt away (and the fat remains, Yes), and melt in those places that you would like to see the elastic. Is not elastic will pits and flabby folds, and the top will still be fat. When people laugh at anorexicly telling that they're fat, they don't understand that the sun know that they have a handle as thin as strings, they're talking about that nasty fold on the abdomen or thighs that never went away. And not leave, most likely. Even in the coffin will remain. That is, the threshold of life is crossed much earlier than would burn the last fat.

So we should not fight fat at the gym, and shaping a muscle, and the fat man to do it a hundred times easier than thin. It has, in terms of muscle-building a big advantage. But in the kitchen to lose weight don't need in the kitchen to try to fill your body with nutrients to heal your body and promote metabolism and fat began to burn better. Well, do not overeat, of course, but to do this, see anti-bug No. 1. Without it anywhere. The best diet is to replace the excess food some hobby. It's hard to think, hard to engage but if you succeed, will win.

Bug №3. "You can't eat after six»

About this bug known to many, but not all and not entirely. The main bug that people are trying to fool the body, in the evening slows down the metabolism. As a result of this, the body slows down the metabolism and even in the morning, because it starves all night, and in the brain there is a serious adjustment, the program starts saving fat and searching for food. Besides, hungry brain worse getting enough sleep, increasing stress, and this resists fat loss even more.

To coax your body (and the body can only persuade, and sometimes deceive) to part with fat, it is, on the contrary, constantly to feed him. Better to feed every two hours (and bedtime, too, Yes), something very useful, rich in important fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals. Feed can slowly without going for good your daily rate (the norm, not the norm minus a thousand) and if in two hours there will be a new portion, the body eventually will cease to panic, not immediately, after a few days, and will no longer slow down metabolism and keep the fat. The only way to achieve your weight loss. But at the same time need to seek out opportunities for anti-bug No. 1, because without this in any way.

By the way, if you got carried away and forgot to eat for several hours, nothing wrong with the metabolism is not going to happen. But if you break in yourself hunger, swallowing saliva and suffering, it will happen for sure. That is to give yourself a meal every two hours is necessary precisely when there is nothing to do. When fully implemented anti-bug No. 1, it doesn't matter. But if not, better to overeat than to starve, because the grams of fat is nothing compared to catabolic processes in the muscle and slower metabolism. A few hours after starving a while, you will lose fat less than, because of this, you will soon gain. And most importantly, your brain will create a virus program that will begin to infect you food fanaticism.

Be strong will only in the choice of products that do not obey the desire to eat cake when you can eat cottage cheese with fruit, it may not seem so delicious. It's only temporary. It is necessary to become a loving mother, but not a nursemaid-a servant of their whims.

Bug number 4. "We need to realize that your fat is ugly»

This can be, and helps those who have excess fat very little, but if a lot of fat, it is impossible to hate him, otherwise it will be so stressful that food, especially sweet, you will need two times more. On the contrary, try to take themselves pretty in any form and think that you want to improve themselves, because no limit to perfection. Be sure to remember that every step of the way you will decorate, and since you are good now, you can become more beautiful.

You must fall in love with each result, to secure it. And if you fix the result fails, never think that wasted time lost. Each result (if achieved with a normal diet, but not when starving) establishes in your brain the neural matrix of your new body, and return to this result becomes easier. It is normal when you lose a little, gain in this way and changes are made. Don't think it's all in vain. In vain these thoughts.

In addition, the hatred of his own body to block sexual resource and sexual energy. But sexual energy is something that can best replace the buzz of the abundance of food (besides classes, which distracts from the food and a plus to it). It is also a resource of trance, and they are the easiest way to replace the drug on which they sit addicti food. If you can slightly raise your libido, you're gonna need less incentive to engage muscles in the gym will be more. And libido without love for your body will not raise. Please note, not sex substitutes excess of food, and sexuality, that is to have lots of sex and even have sex not necessarily, the main thing is to feel that fire. Sexual people tend not to get rid of fire, immediately finding someone for sex, not to be confused with sex addicts. Sexoholic slaves sexual addiction, and sexual people — the owners of this resource, they get used to this fire, fueled by him sublimate his energy and never give him over a full power. published 

Author: Marina Komissarova


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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