Disease of dirty hands

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Washing hands before eating and after using the bathroom is an important necessity because it is considered the main way of protecting the body from pathogens. This simple procedure of discharge of personal hygiene helps a person to protect yourself from many infectious diseases.

Disease of dirty hands arises as a result of neglecting rules of personal hygiene. The habitat of the pathogens are very diverse: banknotes, the handrails of public transport, door handles, computer mouse, telephone receiver etc. It was the contact with the above-mentioned items helps the pathogens of various infectious diseases to get into the hands of men. The further – the worse: people touching unwashed hands to your face and lips or takes their food, which immediately eats. This opens the access of infection to the body.

Among the most common disease of dirty hands experts identify acute infections such as dysentery, hepatitis a, E. coli, helminth iwashi, influenza and SARS, salmonellosis, typhoid, and cholera. Primarily at risk to become infected are people with reduced immunity of the body. Also, at risk are small children and the elderly, as even a small number of pathogens can cause violations in organs and whole systems.

The most widespread dysentery. She is accompanied by acute pain in the abdomen and rectum, as well as increased stools, vomiting and high body temperature. Most often dysentery breaks out in the summer when people are actively consumed fruits and vegetables. As a result of neglecting proper treatment of the products from dirt and germs instead of enhance immunity you can get an acute infection.

Another serious disease caused by dirty hands, is hepatitis A. the Disease disrupts liver and requires fairly long treatment. Hepatitis can occur in extremely severe and lead to irreversible damage in the human liver. The patient starts a fever, the high temperature can last up to ten days. Fever accompanied by pain in the muscles and in the liver area, weakness, loss of appetite, and sometimes nausea and vomiting.

Among common infections transmitted through dirty hands, we can distinguish the Salmonella. He is accompanied by pronounced symptoms of poisoning – nausea and frequent vomiting. It should be noted that the body temperature may remain within normal limits.

One of the most dangerous infectious diseases is typhoid fever. At first it manifests itself in weakness and sickness, but after a couple of days, the body temperature can reach 40 degrees. In addition, the disease is accompanied by headache, insomnia, rash on the abdomen and chest, diarrhea or constipation, loss of appetite. In the worst case, there is swelling of the tongue until he lost consciousness.

Currently a rare infectious disease of dirty hands is considered the plague of the XX century – the cholera. The disease is accompanied by severe diarrhea and is a danger to the body in the form of its dehydration. Not to be at risk of this terrible disease, it is necessary to observe elementary rules of personal hygiene!

So, the simplest way to protect your health from all of the above and similar diseases is regular hand washing with soap and water. It is also worth noting that the treatment of the disease of dirty hands requires an individual approach and depends on the stage of their occurrence. The danger of such diseases lies in the complexity of their forecasting, because some people carry pathogens over the years, extending them to others.published


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