A simple and effective means instead of pills

To relieve headaches and migraines

1. For headaches caused by mental fatigue, it is recommended to take a warm bath or hover legs for 10-15 minutes.

2. If the headache is accompanied by colds, should put some menthol oil on forehead, temples, neck and behind the ears.

3. Severe headache of any origin can be removed by brushing the forehead and temples with lemon grated with peel.

4. Migraine wet a cotton pad with the juice of red beet or onion and place in the ear.

5. For chronic headaches helps the following recipe: mix in glass of a fresh egg and pour the boiling milk. Mix well and drink.


Hot compress from muscle pain

You will need: a towel and hot water.

1. Heat water, not boiling. Roll the towel so that they could cover only the area you intend to make a compress.

2. Dip rolled towel in a bowl of water, squeeze lightly and apply on the painful area. Hold until, until cool towel. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

This compress must not be used if you just got injured. In this case, must be applied to the painful area for no heat and cold.

"Rice sock" from pain and discomfort

This versatile pack – it can make both hot and cold. You will need: uncooked rice, and a clean sock

1. Pour in the rice sock so that it is able to pour inside. Tie off the sock with a yarn or tape.

2. To prepare hot compress, put the sock with rice in microwave for 1 minute, for the cold — in the fridge for 45 minutes.

3. Shake the sock and apply to the desired area.

To the rice add a few drops of aromatic oils (e.g. lavender oil for relaxation) or dried herbs (often used a mixture of dried lavender, chamomile flowers and lemon peel).

Instead of a sock you can use a small cloth pouch, and instead of rice, cherry pits, grains, flax seed, buckwheat or salt.

Quickly get rid of a cold

Nose drops:

1. Dilute the honey with water in a ratio of 1:1 and drip a few drops.

2. Drip 5-6 drops of fresh beet juice, aloe juice or onions.

When cold helps warm compress applied to the nose. You can use the compress bag with rice, grains, salt, or hard-boiled egg wrapped in a handkerchief. Keep this compress need to until is warm.

Stop coughing

1. If the cough in the mornings or evenings, it is recommended to drink a glass of hot water add 3 drops of iodine.

2. Put on the throat and upper part of the sternum mustard.

3. Gargle with a mixture of onion juice and honey.

4. Brazilian recipe: 2 bananas wipe and pour 1 Cup of sweet water. Blend well to mix, heat and drink.

5. Inhalation: dissolve in hot water for 10 tablets of validol and inhale the vapors for several minutes.

To soothe toothache

To quickly soothe a toothache can be laid on the aching tooth a slice of raw beet, or rubbed the gums near the aching tooth with a slice of peeled garlic. You can also finely chop the onion, wrap it in cheesecloth or a handkerchief and put in his ear: if you have a toothache on the right side, onion swab should be put in the left ear and Vice versa.

Reasonable assistance

Separately want to say about how people can help themselves using the power of your own thoughts. Many experts claim that the human mind is limitless, so why not use it for our own good?

The power of thought against the pain

1. Need distraction from the pain. Sit back, close your eyes and focus on something specific: the dish, smell, film or book. The main thing – to think about what you really like.

2. Think about for what or whom you are willing to sacrifice their lives or suffer unbearable pain. Focus on that thing or person and within 10 minutes mentally draw her/his image.

3. Draw in your mind your body in the form of a transparent three-dimensional shapes: your energy flows through your vessels, and your power creates a protective aura around the body. Imagine the pain in the form of points on your body and send strength and energy against pain. You need to mentally see how the pain decreases and disappears.

All the above recipes are very easy to use and effective. However, remember that if your sickness is a symptom of a serious illness, you should immediately seek professional medical help.

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