Fatal error in the construction of wooden houses

The estimate of construction a wooden house can grow suddenly and repeatedly due to just one mistake. It is not primarily about the design error, and banal-compliance with technological standards, which are usually replicated for the entire construction process. Often they go unnoticed and emerge in six months or a year — after which the house had to be dismantled and rebuilt.

Fig. 1. Incorrect docking girders

Here is a short and incomplete list of such errors that ECTR Blog plans to continue.

- Improper docking of the floor beams. The reason is simple: often spans to cover are longer standard length of a wooden beam 6 meters. In this case, the beam dock in different ways, using certain hardware and sometimes arrange joint not over bearing wall (as the fulcrum), and how he got, in the span between the walls. Dangling in the void butt, of course, is not the biggest problem, if the second floor (or attic) is rarely used; but if it is implied that the second floor is residential, the hoarse creaking of the floor underfoot is the least of the horrors that await the inattentive owner.

Way out: replace the slab. At least it does not have to disassemble the bearing walls.

Fig. 2. Inaccurately sawn cups

wide drink cups (in the frame "in the bowl"), and the incomplete fit of the logs in the cabin "in a paw". The slit width of a finger gives you the "cold corners" even on a summer night! And in the winter the house will completely freeze solid (because of the cold angle, very likely, will not be alone, and will walk the drafts).

Output: enhanced caulking and sealing of gaps more modern sealants, which, incidentally, is not cheap. Cheaper to detect an error already during the Assembly of the first crowns. Note: if cups is incorrectly sawn still in production, you can be sure that the error will be replicated on the entire frame (in theory, manual alteration of one Cup will cost 500 rubles — if possible. Now try to multiply that amount by the number of crowns!).

- "freeze" the logs on the dowel. This can happen if the dowel is installed not vertically but at an angle: as a result of the shrinkage of the beam is displaced and hanging over the other. In such cases, you just have to cut such "skew" pins and try to return the beam into place. Well, if many of these cases the wall is nothing to keep, and it can "bend" how to sail — with the obvious consequences.

Solution: no brainer ugly backups and "patched" does not occur — and in most cases, to attach the logs again will have outside, which will have to remove the covering (which, however, itself by the time the burst).

Fig. 3. The lack of lower dressings of the doorway

- the lack of lower dressings of the doorway (in other words, sawn lower crown) so, what do we have? Sawn "under the door" lower crown rests directly on the rail, which, in turn, laid on strip foundations or piles). If you think that such ignorance is rare, you underestimate the talents of our builders. The result can be a "spread" of wall at the door opening: the house will simply crack like a walnut.

As budget decisions are typically offered mount future door jamb corners to lower crown... But best of all poddomkratit frame and install a normal, nepropitannoy lower crown.

— another common mistake concerns the insulation when roll insulation is loose between the cladding and the supporting wall and slowly (sometimes for the first year!) slides and falls down like a fluff in a Chinese jacket. Here the consequences are absolutely clear and the resolution by far is to disassemble the trim and attach the insulation to the supporting wall (not forgetting waterproofing).

Fig. 4. Errors in the construction of a wooden house

finally (or should I say, "in the beginning") - mold and / or mildew on the walls. The reason is most often in the materials before the construction was not processed by antiseptics and was just thrown on the ground ("drying"). A conventional mold can be removed by bleaching and subsequent processing until the varnish (which for an average home can cost thousand 100 rubles). But, except for the mould on the logs occurs much more dangerous fungus that can literally eat away at the wood. We must remember that the fungus is a consequence of initially defective material! In this case, you may need complete disassembly of the house and walls of the new logs. published

Author: Alexander Egorov

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