Leech therapy — a unique ancient method of treatment with leeches

In the first decades of the XX century of medical products disappeared, the treatment with leeches, they were forgotten achievements of ancient healing and the experience of old physicians.

In the Kuban there are such Beysug river, which, together with the Right and Left Basecom nourish water of the estuary of the Swan. In this estuary from the childhood to the father. I remember his story about the horror that he had to experience when at the age of four, he accidentally fell into the water, has not been able to get to shore. When he succeeded, they came in desperation from a slippery suck and nasty leeches, which was impossible to tear.

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Fifty years later, when we were on the same side, with which the father so badly, it fell into the water of the estuary, no leeches, we were not able to detect. Neither I nor the kids, splashing about in the estuary, there was no sucking leeches.

The lack of leeches in the waters of the estuary of the father, somewhat puzzled. We begin to think about the question: what happened to these puppies? But bearing in mind the activity, which cultivated the fields around the rivers that feed its waters Liman, chemicals for various purposes, it became clear that the environment suffered irreparable damage.

Leech likes clean flowing fresh water. Lyman also Swan, unfortunately, over the last fifty years have adopted into their water dirty runoff from fields saturated with drugs chemically active substances used in agricultural production.

Have to remember with nostalgia about the time when the medical leech was under the protection of the authorities of pre-revolutionary Russia. But time monarchist Russia by the known facts have sunk into oblivion. But not so bad in monarchist Russia of the nineteenth century addressed the issues of the protection of the representatives of natural phenomena.

For example, in the nineteenth century had laws prohibiting in may, June and July fishing leeches, that is, the prohibition was in force at the time of reproduction. Besides for medical use, it was possible to catch only those instances of leeches, the size of which was not less than 1.5 inches in length.

A LITTLE bit ABOUT the LEECHES, AS BIOLOGICAL Videospecial at girudoterapii are concerned that the leech as a priceless natural healer, is on the verge of its disappearance. Very good chance of losing the leech as a species.

Leech – amazing creation of nature. It may be a year, two, even three, to tolerate hunger, so that the case will wait for the moment when you can stick to and revel in a bloody feast. At such moments, her voracity is just amazing.

A leech can suck blood, even if her stomach is full, fresh and undigested blood. But by the grace of nature's leeches are still spare the gastric bag reservoirs, which it under more favourable circumstances, is also trying to fill. Sated, the leech can continue to live safely and within six months to digest the inventory of the victim's blood.

Scientists count about 400 species of leeches, including 80 of all species on earth – in Russia. Among these 80 species, the most widely two types: real or medical and a horse that is unfit for medical use.

For use in therapeutic purposes, leeches, usually caught from water bodies and subsequently they create the conditions for artificial cultivation.

MYTHS AND PARADOXES IN the TREATMENT of Pieskarieties leeches known to the people of the West and the East since ancient times. But with the emergence and dominance of drugs in the treatment of ailments, leeches became not official and folk medicine, the remedy of the witch doctors, monks, barbers, shepherds.

And yet, interest in leech therapy starts to revive. While doctors practicing hirudotherapy, discover an amazing paradox. If in the past, in the absence of science, the use of leeches had wide application throughout Russia, now this same problem is brought to the absurd. Qualified doctors, having access to highly compelling scientific justification for the undoubted benefits of hirudotherapy, the use of leeches in their treatment practice resorted to only one.

The authority of our official medicine hirudotherapy do not deny, but also do not recognize the structure of their system. If one of the doctors uses it, she is perceived by colleagues as exotic practice.

Leech therapy as a new method in practicing therapy (although, in fact, a revival of the old ways) accompanied us to the same myths propagated by enthusiasts of treatment. The most stable and therefore the most tenacious myth that hirudotherapy is a panacea.

However, the accumulated statistical data prove that Armenia is still not a panacea. But the fact that she the benefit and, moreover, that this benefit is immeasurable, healing only when treatment with leeches used with a certain degree of prudence and knowledge of the case.

DISEASES IN WHICH SHOWS the TREATMENT Penknives practicing hirudotherapy, I believe that leech is a living pharmacy, master healer, psychic with a powerful gift of bioenergy. Nature has so skillfully worked on the leech that it is in the hands of the doctor – healer becomes an excellent therapeutic agent with the broadest spectrum of indications for use.

When problems are detected in the field of dermatology, otolaryngology and ophthalmology, in neurology and surgery or if patients have problems in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, then there will help leech.

In view of the prevailing since ancient times, traditions, leech therapy is the most widely shown in the clinic of internal diseases such as bronchial asthma, bronchiectasis, severe pneumonia. New methods of leech therapy is quite successful and effective in pyelonephritis, renal failure, cystitis, pancreatitis, hemorrhoids, cirrhosis, cholecystitis.

Very promising direction in the treatment in the fight against hypertension, ischemic heart disease, stenocardia, preinfarction States, myocardial infarction, occlusive diseases of the limbs, heart defects.


When the patient's skin to attach the leech, it naturally begins to suck and swallow blood. The secret of salivary glands of leeches falls into the wound and in the secret of saliva contains biologically active substances, providing the incoagulability blood. This is the secret of leech saliva disinfects the bite and therefore the infection is eliminated. After the leech shall be filled – she disappears.

The researchers note that the main bloodletting using leeches is a weakening of life in all those diseases in which there is an excess of it. In addition, the decrease in the mass of blood when congestion is the only cause of the disease. And that essentially is an objective reason to bleed is the diversion it in local pornografia.

Back in 1884, the researchers, in search of reasons for such a surprising therapeutic effect of medicinal leeches, has allocated the active substance is subsequently called hirudin. It was also found that a leech is a source not only hirudin, but also a significant number of other active substances with pronounced biological effects.

The secret of salivary glands of leeches in the process of bloodsucking, enters the bloodstream of a sick person, has a pronounced anti-sclerotic effect and thereby promotes vasodilation. That is, without a pharmaceutical drugs an effect of lowering blood pressure level.

But no less important for a number of diseases bacteriostatic, antispasmodic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic effects of leech therapy.

More just incredible its fantastic the process of stimulating the leech during blood sucking of the immune system to fight the microorganisms that caused the disease.

In the treatment with leeches most fully reveals the essence of the meaning of the famous sayings of Hippocrates: "the Physician treats, nature heals".

CONTRAINDICATIONS Girudoterapiya admiring leeches as a very effective tool used for getting rid of very severe diseases, it is necessary not to forget and about contraindications of hirudotherapy.

They are few and these include hemophilia, hemorrhagic diathesis and diseases which are accompanied by slow blood clotting.

Also extreme caution should be patients with increased vascular permeability, bleeding of any localization, acute and chronic leukemias, iron deficiency anemia. Some people can sometimes be observed in individual intolerance. published 

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