Oktava life or about the crisis

"You never really know what will happen next... but it definitely will be"

If you live a full, large life, the crisis is not mine! A major crisis in every area of your life. One is not separated from the other. That is passing through it, you gain power, you get to know her and begin to constructively use it.

The main thing to understand that all of life can't consist solely of victories. There are white and black keys of life. And only then perhaps the sound of being. The fullness and beauty of sound of his own life. As you know, it all started with a sound... Definitely, vibrant life will be a bright victory, but also not less bright lesions. It is for crises and minor events defined by the scale of the individual. The larger the person, the stronger the fall and crises through which you must pass. We are at risk. It's like a game we constantly play in different facets of his life.

Moving forward is always a risk. You never really know what will happen next. The further movement forward, but also defeat. You'll still something to lose, because you get involved in a new game. The game new for you regulations. And if you are able to easily and quickly adapt to the new rules, you will be able to overcome any crisis. The basic mistake is an attempt to do so had no failures. To leave, to hide from them. And when times are tough, we perceive it as a tragedy and lose power for a long time collecting himself from the ruins after... So the main thing is to be psychologically ready to deal with losses. "Hard times pass, strong people stay."

The most difficult crises that are perceived as a blow to the heart is when you betray close people. But it makes us "sober", wiser, stronger. It is an illusion and "rose-colored glasses" leads us to crises, and parting with that causes incredible pain, but that's what makes us perfect, honing our strength, success and sanity. Makes us healthy physically, psychologically and socially. It is the parting with illusions leads us to himself. Everything is as it should be. Success is 80% psychology and 20% of certain actions. Passing through crises, we train and strengthen the mind. Wins and becomes successful is the one who has the mind is properly configured, stable and ready to accept defeat, to see the output and using it to reach a new level of life. Should be a time to learn how to constructively play, then any crisis instantly, on autopilot turn into opportunities. It is important to understand what to do after the defeat. What conclusions and lessons brought defeat, what real actions to take.

The victory created by the Creator to please the man and to create a state of happiness.

The defeat is also created by the Creator, to make people smarter. When we win, we rejoice. When we lose, we grow wiser. If we could do the right thing without these "kicks" from God in the form of a crisis, to voluntarily make the right decisions, to perform correct actions and to be pure in their thoughts, the crisis as a development tool would not be needed. And then it would be possible through the development of joy Is the Result. But while humankind has the rudimentary state of consciousness, yet we feel, as pain, stimulants to the movement, and, accordingly, develop pain Is the Result. That is why all the Great, progressive and new comes after the crisis. The crisis, like everything else on earth has two sides of the coin. And if emotionally "very negative", then necessarily there is in this as much as "very positive". In the biggest problem is the biggest resource. It's the law. Awareness and knowledge of this enables a different attitude to the crisis.

If our lives happen destruction, tragedy, loss, it is only that we knew it. And the contradiction here is that it is very difficult to realize when they hurt, when overwhelmed with the emotional background. In any case it is impossible to escape from the pain, "samplewidth" its "positive" and usually primitive techniques. Bury your head in the sand. The position of "the ostrich" records in crisis and more. To deal with the pain too. What we fight we strengthen. It's the law. The only way is to acknowledge the pain, accept it, let go and move on. When very painful, we have to thank, draw conclusions and begin to act according to the received new knowledge. Arosi of Optina wrote: "did something bad Happen, thank God, and the bad will dissolve. It was something good, thank God, and good will remain." Very constructive and practical principle: See-Accept-Let go-move on. Gratitude leads to Grace. In difficult situations swinging FORCE.

"Cleanse Your body,
Clear Your thoughts,
And the Lord will appear within You,
And it will bring You only
the outside and inside.
You've got everything!
And You only need to develop.
You only need to be one.
Feel it and go through it: I'm not it."
Wayne Lickerman.

Author: Irina Nesuchyne

Source: loveunity.ru/stati-ekspertov/irina-nesivkina/117-oktava-zhizni.html


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