Google is spying on all users for the United States

About the struggle against the terrorism of America and the West — more talk. And often Eyewash. We "rubbed", and the world wiretapping, which the United States was established, also against the terrorists, but really to vulgar to spy on everyone, including supposedly friends.

23 Jun published the documents, confirming that the phones of the last three French presidents — Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy to françois Hollande — Americans listened.

Are they terrorists? For France and proud Gauls it became a real bomb. The explosion of consciousness! First reaction: can not be! And Hollande gives Obama a chance to apologize. Is the June 24 calls to the White house. The US President picks up the phone, coolly affirms wiretapping, to apologize not even going, but said that had stopped writes Can not be trusted, because until now the US had behaved treacherously. It was expected because somehow the default, that "friends don't spy", as Merkel said, but she was spying. You never know what was intended? Now also assume that you are not a spy, but spies don't warn for it and espionage. It is curious that to the spying world US hooked and its a large Internet company.

From time to time scandals arise about loud. Nix the last week has sounded from the founder of the Swedish Pirate party Ricarda Fallinge. He figured out that Google Chrome has a hidden ability to listen to anything that sounds near to your computer and transfer where you want.

And the code words in the audio scanning can be laid any and not just Ok Google. So Google somehow not quite OK. "Without your permission Google download black box code that, according to the description, includes a microphone and actively watching what was uttered in the room. This means that your computer was secretly set to send a record of everything that was said in the room, a third person, a private company in a foreign country without your consent, without even informing you about it," said Fellinge.

Practice of electronic spying for the United States is so attractive and profitable that gives a lift to herself tightly. Indeed, ahead of the creation of a free trade zone between the US and the EU. Well, how not to spy, if the Americans say directly that fair competition with anyone is not configured that the U.S. is exceptional and that the rules must create a video. In France, you begin to realize that forthcoming, and a stronger embrace by America — of those, which taken out of his pocket wallet.

With this affectionate sentence: America is a democracy just like Ukraine — is Europe. There is something in common as these spells. Anyway, as there is in France quite a powerful force — and not only marine Le Pen, and all the old Gaullists, including former presidents of the Republic, that advocate the change of the vector in favor of Russia, for Paris and for Europe it would be natural.

It is paradoxical sounds, but in the United States already had their own dissidents, like in the Soviet Union. They are being persecuted for freedom of speech. The bright Western dissident Julian Assange with Wikileaks and Edward Snowden, whose dossier told the world about the global electronic espionage of the United States. Soviet dissidents, however, under certain circumstances, being outside their country, could afford the freedom of movement and comfortable way of life, have changed America it is not. Snowden denied U.S. citizenship and forced to live non-public. Julian Assange is now in its fourth year locked in a cramped back room of the Embassy of Ecuador in London. These people between honor and comfort, chose the former. Personally sacrificial, but each is one of the most influential people on the planet.

They change the agenda of the heads of the largest countries, have become a powerful moral authority for billions of people, and for many — just idols. They opposed themselves to a giant spy machine is not burdened by any values of democracy and human rights, and honestly won. Verax — Latin honest was signed by Edward Snowden in The Guardian. Verax — it is positioning itself and Julian Assange. It is clear that, sitting in the Embassy of the weak Latin American countries in London, Assange is much more vulnerable. And the US is only doing, in order to lure dissidents out.

Now a new plan. Need in Ecuador to organize a coup to change the government and put a President who will make the decision to extradite Assange. How can US to scroll through such things in Ecuador, known from classic books "Behind the scenes of the CIA" by Philip Agee. He was the CIA station chief in Quito, Ecuador in the 60-ies, and when he became disgusted with all the details described. It is clear that now coups was involved not the CIA directly. And the technology is different. Americans act through foundations and NGOs, but the tasks are the same.

Since June, Ecuador — excitement. For a start, the protesters were asked to dress in black and take up black flags. Will black this revolution is not clear, but in any case, the process of change of government in Ecuador launched. What will happen to the country, Americans do not important. The main thing — Assange to scratch. And along the way, and to punish the recalcitrant President Correa. Not that Ecuador needs a President. Are there clues. Democracy? Unlikely. published

Author: Alexander Panasenko

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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