9 signs your cat loves You

There are a few scientific facts about how cats Express their love and devotion in the host. Some of them seem obvious, others lies a deep hidden meaning. Perhaps, you're such a bad opinion about your animal.

Here are 9 signs that the cat loves you.

1. Your cat brings you their "presents".

It's certainly not for the faint of heart: the cat brought you her dead in the yard of the mouse. Or caught on the balcony accidentally flown there Sparrow and brought to show off.

But actually, in nature cats are always hunters. And if they are brought to you by "production", so they are trying to show you that you too can take care of you. A dead rodent or a bird is a symbol of love that makes you scream, and not with delight.

2. Your kitty is lending you the tummy.

Like most other animals, cats in the wild actually hide their bellies. Because I know that it is the most vulnerable place.If your cat is flipped in your presence on his back and offers it to Pochat, it means you are very comfortable. And he appreciates the comfort. Near you it feels loved and protected. He is ready to become helpless before you.

Cats are haughty animals, and if they do not show vigilance in your presence, so really love you.

3. Your cat rubs against you with its head, sometimes it hits you.

To receive this recognition from my cat — a very big deal. If the cat requires you to tactile contact, then, at the sight of you in his body immediately begins to produce pheromones and the hormones of attachment.

There is this case and the other side: the cat tries to cover you with his pheromones, so that other cats that you may come across, knew that the owner is already someone else's "property".

4. He bites you, but not much.

When the cat sometimes so playfully nibbles your fingers, this means that it shows you the warm family feeling. This bite is a tickling in the world of cats. His goal is to give you pleasure, not to inflict bodily injury.

5. Your cat is always near you and that thing rubs on your feet.

Circling around the host whenever the home will be the only truly loving cat. He's only doing this because he wants to be near you.

6. She kneads you like dough.

If your cat kneads you with his paws like pizza dough, so it shows you his love. As little kittens, they receive such care from their mom.

If your pet makes you part of the body, so he believes that you must become a mother or father. As you know, cats have high self-esteem.

7. She twitches the tip of the tail.

The tail of the cat and gauge her mood. His movements it depicts their feelings. If your cat playfully brandishes and pulls tail in your presence, it means that you have for her — very cute and funny creature.

8. She purrs loudly.

When a cat purrs it is happy. That's all they know. If he constantly and loudly purrs in your presence, and you pay attention to it, so between the two of you are already feeling.

9. Your cat regularly tries to establish eye contact with you.

Cats, as a rule, establish close eye contact only with those they know well and long, and whom they trust. So if the cat looks at you even as you think, "as something evil," don't worry, and rejoice: he wants to be friends.

When a little kitten brought into the house, he first time can often blinking, looking at you. Be so kind to: blink at him, looking into his eyes. From the beginning, this will allow you to set with each other a relationship of trust. published


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