While you're still in my Life

From destiny, and from poverty will not go away, as they say, but you can also change your destiny, isn't it? What does the word "life"? This is a temporary space in which we find ourselves here and now, which can be fleeting. Maybe not.

Life has no weight, price, and place of birth, and the soul seems to have its real component, and the emergence of the soul takes place probably long before the appearance of the physical body. All these conjectures, axioms, theorems related to different versions of the creation of the servant of God, so slippery and vague that no one will ever be able to say, as there is certainly. We just can't know, those are the rules, no arguing against them. So, if everything is so ambiguous, how can you say how? No. Oh, definitely not. No one can know what decision is correct. What is the theory true. How to live right.

People are able to decide for themselves what is "right", only an individual!

Each soul, each incarnation of the appearance is absolutely individual. It turns out, on the assumption that all people are different, despite their similarity, the notion of "correct" to each his own. And it's not bad. It's perfect, because everyone has the right of choice. And no matter what country, what continent, in what universe does your soul. The important thing is that life is unique, it's unique. And these are no more and never will be! Therefore, any decision of a man, his own! It's right or not, the man himself will understand. If only he had this opportunity.

Sometimes we live without thinking about anything in advance. Try to focus on what we have now. But suddenly there are any circumstances that stand in the way of the realization of his plans even today, and have to adapt to these circumstances and try to live on. Something goes wrong. Comes the realization that youth is gone, the fire in the eyes dimmed, and in the hands of a child, who probably will succeed not, as we have. And we walk steadily forward, the programming itself: our special child will achieve all that are unable to achieve we. This is one of many examples, when people taking the wrong decision in his life, then tries to compensate it at the expense of the fate of another person. Yes, it's his child, his blood and flesh, he may have his eyes or hands, but his soul is different!

Wisdom is the realization of something so wide, deep, and so for thousands of years, only a few agreed to go into this depth to understand what's what. The rest get only small pieces of what has already been explored, and all of this is enough, all good, all easy. People by nature just doesn't like to look too hard the way because it is always easier to go easier way. And, in fact, is the main question: why do people prevents independent decision-making other? Whether it's his son, daughter, brother, wife? Why thousands of mothers are hoping to realize their dreams the lives of his children? It is a cry of despair? This desire to make things better? It is the desire to correct their mistakes by the hands of another person? Strange, but the answer will be unknown until then, until a person recognizes this.

Build your own destiny is as difficult as to build a house without the help of construction crews and specialists. Indeed, in this area of real experts no. There's only newbies who are just like you, build or begin to build their "houses", just some did it a little earlier. The color of the walls of their destiny, the wide window, the number of locks on the door you can think of yourself. It is important that nobody interfered. It is important not to go on about. There is a theory that the soul before birth in a physical body chooses its parents and family. And if this theory is correct, then we know beforehand how we will live this life. It remains to understand which way to choose. What color will painted walls of the human soul. We ourselves choose this color or go on about advisers who think that the more experienced, once you have already built your home?

Life, soul, destiny is all relative. And we can't know a definite answer in a world full of rhetorical questions and relative tasks. But since all such individual, then the decisions that we make, is correct? But not for everyone! For us! They're ours?! Let one conceited jerk decides to jump off a cliff, disappointed in the world. Let the other cut off his ear from suffering of being misunderstood and alone. Let. What's the difference? All this does not matter. It's their destiny. This is their "home". So it was necessary for them. So, all was right.

What matters in this life? What power, what power, money, success, and victory? That's what the man himself has invented. The fact that he has created for some purposes. What of all that we do has significant value? Nothing. Only what comes from within, that burns, that hurts, that aches, cries, cries out, what comes out of our souls. And the money, cars, houses, cities — it's all tinsel created by their own hands. For somebody the meaning of life is success. But no one can say what invented these words. For what people spend the most valuable moments, years of residence in the physical body such made-up words like success, wealth, money, a decent life? Because life, its embodiment in reality is success and happiness. If we got here, so we had to get in here? So to be awarded such a chance? Why still need something extra besides what is in us already?

Knockin ' on heaven impossible. To find out what will happen next, you can't. To understand how, it is impossible. But until you take my Life, I will live for you as he want. And everything else doesn't matter, because nothing matters if it does not come from the depths of our souls...posted

Author: Daria Pankova


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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