Why do Americans wash their eggs, and we — no?

Eggs are one of the most popular products of all times and peoples. They have great tasting, healthy, cheap and are part of a huge number of dishes. With this in eggs lies the danger of Contracting Salmonella. How can you protect yourself from this disease?

Salmonellosis is an acute intestinal infection caused by the bacteria-Salmonella. Infection usually occurs from infected animals through foods: meat and meat products, milk, eggs. Although acquainted with the Salmonella can be quite diverse ways, yet the most common culprits are eggs. It is therefore very important to know and strictly follow a few simple rules that will save you from this trouble.

First of all, you need to know that a carrier of the infection are not eggs, and laying hens. Huge overcrowded on factory farms, poor conditions and poor quality feed are the cause of wide spread of the disease. But fresh eggs from a sick chicken Salmonella contain. Bacteria can only exist on the shell, especially if you see traces of chicken manure. Thus, contamination most often occurs as a result of contact with the shell, not the contents of the egg.

In the United States of America solved this problem just since the mid-1970s of eggs on poultry farms are washed and undergo a special decontamination treatment. But in fact, it can cause the opposite effect. According to recent studies, during the processing of eggs in the American poultry plants violated a special protective layer on the shell that nature has provided as a natural barrier to various infections. As a result, American eggs are always very clean and beautiful, but much less secure than ours or European.

How can I protect myself from salmonellosis, really? What are the rules to follow when buying, storing and cooking eggs?

Try to buy eggs that are not produced on huge factory farms, and small farms. When choosing eggs, pay attention to it clean and without damage of the shell. Eggs store in the refrigerator on a special shelf, avoiding contact with other products. Storage eggs should be washed as often as possible. Directly before use (and not before) the eggs should be thoroughly washed in warm water with soap. In the process of making all the shells you need to collect and throw away, and items that were with it in contact (knife, cutting Board, work surface), well washed. To wash your hands! These simple rules will help you to reduce the risk of Contracting salmonellosis. But if you want 100% to be confident in its security, then you should know that Salmonella is almost indifferent to the cold, but is quite sensitive to heat treatment. So — no raw egg yolks, cook the eggs at least 15-20 minutes after boiling, fry the eggs on both sides.

Do not neglect these rules, since Salmonella is really a very unpleasant and common infection, to see which can any person. Should be particularly attentive in the hot season and during the holidays when our usual mode of supply is violated. published

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