Play of consciousness: the one who draws You back is yourself

The first layer of awareness is when you realize that you're involved in family and social game-scenarios, and begin to get rid of them.

First, you are at war with them as a teenager: "I'm not playing! I have my own game! don't pull me!". Then you realize that the only one who draws you back — is you. Here begins the first phase of deepening in self-perception: how I make social game, what is my own contribution to it, and as I can not to do it. Only after you have cleaned ourselves and changed the behavior from automatic to conscious, are you entering a new level where you can't draw.

The main sign of the output at this level — you do not disturb other people's games, don't you think that someone is affected by and makes you do something not the way you want.

Breaking out of the social "matrix", you discover a new level of freedom to build your life the way you want. Begins the zone of the experiment with the lifestyle, activities, relationships with people. You try on different new roles, create your life. And this is the fairest stage. Be creative, don't stop.

But if you believe that this all the work of awareness has ended, you went in the game to a new level — an illusion about himself and his awareness. The main feature — you play in "lucid", advanced, enlightened, heaven-gifted, who know the workings of the Universe "cure" of neurosis, absolutely independent and Autonomous.

Partly it is, but this is only another step of a fully automatic biological beings. The most dangerous illusion here is the idea that you are completely freed from biological and social programs that your perception is pure and he is no longer influenced by anything you fully control it.

While a person is alive — he is their physiology, and the maximum you can do is to gradually increase the level of their perceived involvement in biological self-regulation.
As long as the person communicates with others (and not sitting in a cave as a hermit) — he is driven by social needs (recognition, fulfillment, relationships with others). It is pointless to deny these needs (I am not an animal, I don't need recognition, I've had enough of self-realization, I-a Director).

Denying these needs, you just turn a blind eye to them, thereby increasing their unconscious power over us.
If the recognition and assignment of these requirements is not happening, you find yourself embroiled in a game of their own perception of their advancement, and involve them in other people, hypnotising them with conviction, fascinating pictures of your enlightened vision. And no wonder, some of the surrounding resist.

This does not mean that everything that happens in your mind, all your open — nonsense. Your subjective view may well find an echo in the hearts of others because you do something advanced, and this is true for many. However, you are still subjectively constructed, and so what you see is a limited piece of the world perception.

The best, what we can learn here is to meet the needs, not to become a slave to them.
Be honest to admit them to yourself and to others: I want a relationship, recognition, self-realization. And consciously regulate them.
Then you leave the others alone, leaving behind them their right to decide whether to be with you in a relationship, whether to give you their recognition cease to draw them into his Universe, and begin to examine themselves and to realize their illusions. published Author: Nina rubstein

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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