Opinion about us other mirror in front of which pose almost without exception

"Opinion of us other people are the mirror in front of which pose almost without exception. Man makes himself the way wants to be seen. This is how he really is, unknown to anyone, including often himself, but lives and acts some fabricated and embellished the figure. This striving for deception is so great that people sacrifice brings him, distorting his nature, even himself — the one and only than is every human person."

(From the diary of priest Alexander elchaninova) don't know how often you can meet someone who would be completely free from the opinions of their environment. Among those with whom I communicate, there are none. For every stretch of life's journey there are people who have influence in shaping us as individuals - some help to be born, other specify direction of growth, others tell you what to do in a given situation, adjust the trajectory, if we deviate from the intended target, learn to love the fourth, fifth still leave some trace in our heart. It is important to know their attitude to us? I think, Yes.

"The mirror", a film by Andrei Tarkovsky at Times it may seem that we are completely independent from what they say or think about us (the idea of fighting for some independence popular these days), but when faced with a negative reaction to our words or actions, often experienced unpleasant feelings, and then comes the understanding that it is not so easy to be free from the opinions of other people. Whether we like it or not, life is arranged in such a way, toponimo each of us on the planet Earth is home to seven billion people, and if we act without considering the interests of other living beings, it is unlikely to lead to anything good. The ability to build a harmonious relationship with their surroundings is a good indicator of a reasonable person In this issue (and any other) important balance is to learn to keep their borders, to observe the internal state, to be in harmony with yourself, but try to live in harmony with the ones who are growing and developing around. By living as naturally learn to consider the opinions of other people, but it does not fall into dependence on him. Learn to listen and hear what is being said to us, is a good lesson, I tell you :) And very useful in the process of personal evolution. What others say about our appearance, about our relationship, about our business, about our lives in General? Yes, a lot of what you say — you have the right. Another thing, what kind of reaction their words cause in us? Resentment? Anger? Protest? The desire to justify himself or prove his innocence? It happens in different ways depending on our mood, status and level of internal awareness. I think it is important to try to reach the reasons for your reaction to the words or actions of another person. From the outside we "catch" only when inside there is a hook. The space around us — a large mirror to help you find the hooks on which we sit. To remove himself from the hook, to learn to live in the position of an adult that allows others to be other, takes their views into account, if necessary, corrects his behavior, but he did not despair, if someone "did not appreciate its merit". In the process of growth is also important not to get on a new hook called "I removed myself from all the hooks, I'm calm I'm always calm, me now does not deduce from itself".Living people tend to err, to make mistakes, to experience the emotional fluctuations, to be dissatisfied with something, to feel pain, fear, frustration — it happens to all of us, the only question is how long we remain in this state. If we play the victim, then living in the state response to external stimuli will take us Oh so much effort, if you will try to become the master of your life, you gradually learn to accept themselves and other people with all the shadows, faults and vulnerable sides. Yes, that's still what I ask to pay attention! If we are constantly told that the opinion of other people feel a profound indifference, but continue to behave like a demonstration of the indifference — the main thing in our life, the truth of it all? A calm attitude to the external is rather that we remain in good spirits regardless of the circumstances in which life places us. Should ask yourself the questions — "Who am I?" "Where am I going?", "What will remain of me, if you remove all of the "audience", giving positive or negative evaluations of my words and actions"? If you understood the main thing, the rest is not so important... Not to sit in front of a mirror think of us in other people, but to understand that the world around a big magnifying glass, truthful (and sometimes ruthlessly) demonstrating that we have matured in. Develop! published Author: Dean Richards

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