Water savings: 6 the best technology for Your home

One of the best ways to reduce their own carbon footprint and to save money within your home is the reduction of water consumption.

It is extremely easy and there are many ways to reduce its consumption. Installation of water-saving technologies in your home is a great way to always be sure that you use the water optimally.

Take a look at the TOP 6 water saving technologies to see how they can save your money.

1.Click-and-Wash (TapNFlush) – this product undoubtedly is the best when it comes to saving your money and optimize water consumption in your home. Not only due to availability – $ 20 device will pay for itself 5 times during the year.

The principle of operation is very simple: the drain valve is fixed the load, which is connected to a device called a "weight modifier", which is mounted inside the tank at its upper edge, and, depending on the duration of flushing this device holds the load. After the time the shipment is released and mechanically locks the drain valve. Manages all the battery operated remote unit that is installed on the lid of the toilet tank. The device allows you to configure two modes of flushing water – large and small, thereby accurately adjusting the amount of water used. This dual flush Converter definitely takes first prize for saving both water and money.



2. The low flow aerators – these little delicate insert took the second position in our list because they are a great way to save water around the home. They are easy to install and stand just pennies, making it one of the best products to invest.



3. Shower heads high efficiency shower is one of the best places for the optimization of water consumption and cost, and the installation of shower heads high efficiency is a great way to start saving money. When the transition from standard shower head at Sava Spa you will begin to save approximately 4.5 liters per minute. And in terms of the year it will be a substantial amount because you'll use less hot water every time I take a shower.



4. Bags cistern – these inserts are a great way to save water in the home, and most wonderful is that you don't have to change their habits. Install the bag for a toilet tank is very easy and requires no special training. Just fill it, place the toilet and each time flushing the toilet you will use less water than without it.



5. Water saving kit, Niagara (Niagara Water Savings Kit) these kits from the company Niagara are a great way to start saving water, energy and money around the house. They include literally everything you need and will help save a substantial amount. It is easy to find on Amazon.



6. Valves adjustment flow – they are probably the least known tools to save water, but they can do a lot! Valves adjustment flow will allow you to temporarily block or greatly reduce the flow of water when you lather in the shower, naturally reducing your costs for water and electricity. Try to combine them with shower heads with high efficiency for even more savings. published



P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©


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