What subconscious programs and General principles of their work

"To belong to a full-fledged man begins only when aware of programs they control, and takes over management of the programs themselves and their lives into their own hands"

Perhaps my stories will often repeat and recall certain things. It is very necessary and intentional in order to focus the reader's attention to them. The focus of attention on these things is really important, and it is equally important to remember them always for the relief of his own life: in relationships with ourselves, with the world, and in General in all aspects of human life. I love to use in the explanation of metaphors and allegories, because they are much easier to understand rather complex things.


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So, let's begin. I like the invention of modernity — the computer! What do you think, dear reader, is why I love this invention? Once it is possible not to guess)))) now! For example, the General principles of computer operation is easier to explain how they work and affect our lives programs embedded in our subconscious.

The program (from the Greek. programma — Declaration, order, injunction, plan) - complexly interrelated and strictly defined sequence of actions that indicates in what order should commit to carry out basic actions.The brain and the computer program are in accordance with the recorded sequence of operations.

Any computer has a certain amount of power, but can only work within the framework of built-in programs.

Computer program(computer program)-an objective form of presenting sovokupnosti and commands designed to operate computers and other computer devices with the aim of obtaining a certain result. Under the computer program includes also the preparatory materials received during its development, and the resulting audio-visual display.

Program computers — the description of the algorithm the solution given in the programming language(machine language of the specific computer translates avtomaticheskie the help of the translator).The process of programming is called programming.

If any program in the computer is not installed, if I'm not mistaken, the computer can only Shine with the screen. Firmware volume may be less than the total capacity of the computer itself may be exactly the total volume and more total volume at him not to push. And, accordingly, the computer can only work within those programs that it incorporates. Only. If a program doesn't, the computer will not be able to perform the functions of this program. Therefore, it is necessary to install. If the program is there, but weak, that is outdated, it greatly hampers the work and performance of tasks. In this scenario, the computer runs very slow, although the volume of power it is great. What does one do in this case? You are absolutely right! The program is removed, then install a new one. And the work begins to boil with new force.

All this is what I am and no strictly scientific delights? Yes, that was clear to anyone how the world works and himself. What are the natural laws of life, nature and energy, the laws of interaction between people, between man and nature of life itself. The knowledge of these laws helps a person to see and perceive the essence of things without effort and strain. And as a result to become complete, to attain a state of peace of mind, freed from a state of internal conflict in which a person neosoznanno resides permanently.

There is such a person thing, the subconscious is called. There the storehouse of memory of all events in human life and not only. Hard drive, or you know, as a kind of storage room in the house where you store many things, often completely outdated, unnecessary, but there are useful, although from time to time. This is the place where are stored and control us, our desires and actions of the various kinds of programs. Programs are different: as a conscious — there are very few, and unconscious — of these the majority. This event left its mark, and fears, and doubts, and habits, and moments, and past negative emotions. This belief, and casually thrown phrase. There are programs embedded within programs like dolls. In General, all is good – program — can look like anything. And work, providing to have an impact, too, controlling us, our behavior and desires as they please. The man is completely subservient to them and understands them, believing that all that he wants and does, it all comes from him. But this is a misconception. A person is only within the framework of the action programmes that are embedded in his subconscious, that is, to put it simply — in the matrix. As in the external matrix and in the interior, because everything external is a reflection of the internal.

And at first glance it may seem that there is no way to resist the influence and impact of these programs on human rights. But this is only until then, and until people begin to understand and to find in myself. Will take the liberty to say that only one awareness and their observation is at least 50% of the demolition of the monitored programs. Since the beginning of life growing, evolving, and often at the beginning of the program help to develop. But then the programs become obsolete as people continue to develop. And programs, from helping development, is becoming an outdated and already inhibiting and even destructive development and human life. And so it is important to learn to see, to understand these programs, understand how they operate in order to promptly remove and replace them with new ones.

It's the simplest, I think, the explanation of the principle of programs that sit in the subconscious of man. As a kind of Preface to the story directly on the programs themselves and how to understand them. Start the story on those programs, what first came to mind.

To be continued in the article — the Parents are the basic program...


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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