10 highly effective exercises for losing weight after childbirth

Natural for women is concern about their appearance. The only time when worries about the harmony of fade into the background – this pregnancy, after all, the most important is the health of the future baby. To engage in active physical activity after childbirth can be only one and a half to two months, and in the case of cesarean section – two and a half. But the time of the start of classes to better define individually.


For classes you will need:

a fitball (exercise ball)

— jump rope

dumbbells are small weights (1-5kg)

— elastic band length of 1.5-2m

Before class, make sure you perform warm-up, warming up the hands, lower back and legs. You can then begin to exercise. To execute them better by 5-10 times, doing 2-3 sets for each.

1. Walking

This type of loading is called the most gentle during which you can not part with the child. The start ten-minute walks twice a day. First, take a moderate pace, after a few accelerate and finally get back to original speed. So you will return mobility to the muscles of the pelvis, improving the blood circulation.

2. The bridge

Traditional uprajneniyami need on the floor. Lying on your back, stretch your arms along the body, and the feet abut the fitball. Pushing the heels into the ball, slowly lift your hips and pelvis. Reaching the top position, hold for a few seconds and return to original position.

3. Squats

Exercise is also performed with the exercise ball. Take the ball with your fingers, arms outstretched at chest level. Gradually squat until legs are bent at an angle of ninety degrees, at the end will stop for a few seconds. Then lower the exercise ball to the waist line and slowly get up.

4. Attacks

For balance take a fitball. Stand with the ball near, holding on to his fingers. Do one leg deep lunge forward, stop and return to its original position. This exercise will strengthen the muscles of legs and buttocks.

5. Reduction of the hands

This exercise trains the chest muscles and is performed using an exercise ball and elastic bands. Lie on the ball with his back at an angle of ninety degrees bent legs. Under the shoulders, place the elastic band holding the edge. Through the sides raise your hands, at the top reducing wrist after hold this position for a few seconds and return the arms back.

6. Top link

This exercise you can develop the back and shoulders. Sitting on an exercise ball, straighten your back, and spread the legs at shoulder level, resting on the heel elastic band. Grasp the ends of the tape and, spreading his elbows to the sides, raise it first to the knees, and then shoulders. Pausing at the top, return to the original position.

7. Arms bending

Sitting on an exercise ball, place your feet on the level of the pelvis, taking Paganelli in each hand, put them down along the line of the hull. Bending the elbow and turning the palm towards yourself, lift the brush to the shoulders. Don't forget during the operation to strain the abdominal muscles. At the top will freeze and fall back.

8. Press hands ago

Starting position - as in the previous exercise. Both hands take one dumbbell, lift up and behind your head, keeping your elbows at your ears. Lift the dumbbell overhead, then lower it down to the level of the shoulder blades.

9. Jump rope

Jump rope, straight leg, and pulling on socks, considering jumping up to hundreds – it will raise the General tone and improve blood circulation.

10. Press

Lying on your back on the floor abut the bent leg to the fitball. Hands interlock fingers behind his head, spreading his elbows to the side. Perform twisting left elbow to right knee and Vice versa, pushing the heels into the ball.

These simple exercises will help you to quickly get in shape and achieve the desired parameters, the main thing – to observe moderation and regular classes. published


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