7 signs of a Mature women

Who can be called a grown, accomplished woman? Date of birth in the passport does not play the main role here. Can be grown at an accelerated pace and become a Mature personality is formed already by the age of 25 and 50 remain naive girl, with insult inflated sponges.Maturity is not age, is the degree of understanding and acceptance of life.

Sign №1. Responsibility In the speech of an immature woman is dominated by verbs in the passive voice: "I met a man", "happened to me this history, introduced me to sin," "scared me", "lied to me". In life it is like a boat without oars, driven by the will of the waves.

Maturing, the woman becomes the author of his life. She takes responsibility for every step taken, every word of your choice. In her speech, "I" becomes the subject. Not "I grabbed the gentleman," and "I chose this man because I chose not to". Not "he was so persistent that I couldn't refuse", and "I wanted to respond to his advances and took them."

Sign №2. Here and now

Immature woman lives or dreams of the future or memories of the past.Mature knows how to live in the here and now.She appreciates the moment and can find value in it, and not be carried away by thoughts somewhere far away. Mature woman have already found their favorite business and deals with them, not harbors hopes that is a few years otmuchilsya to boring and joyless work, and that's when She realizes that "real life" begins not after getting married or bear a child, or have child to College, or retire. All life is real, and no more stupid way to spend any of its segments than waiting for a bright future on the sidelines.

Sign №3. ConfidenceImmature woman is very dependent on other people's opinions. It is constantly advised on any occasion with friends and acquaintances: "And I'm not fat? And this dress fit me? Can I call him first?" Infantile lady more than anything, afraid to be expelled for non-compliance with the rules of any community, whether it is a friendly team of accountants or a group of young moms at the Playground. Mature woman has an opinion and sure. She trusts to his feelings, intuition, your perception of reality and life experience. She doesn't need every slightest provocation to ask other advice, it is self-sufficient.

Sign №4. The adoption ofa Mature woman nobody is trying to rehabilitate, to remodel or to save, especially your man. She either accepts people as they are, with all their advantages and disadvantages, or does not accept. "Honey, I believe that with me you'll finally change and become a different person" is probably a phrase from the repertoire of the fifth young wife of an aging Lothario, over the years perfected their skills of spreading hanging noodles on the ears of the female, but not Mature women.

Sign №5. ToleranceMature woman tolerable. She understands that in the world there are many people with different political, religious and philosophical views, with other domestic habits and style of dress, reading other books and loving other films, and is in no hurry to act against them for any reason with a spear at the ready. She appreciates old friends and not going to quarrel with them just because they are somewhat differing views, even if we are talking about a very important, philosophical things.

Sign №6. NaturalMature woman confident and relaxed in any situation, it behaves naturally. It is more concerned with the job that she does and the purpose it seeks to achieve, not how it looks from the outside. She's not trying to play the role of someone else and not wearing masks.

Sign №7. To call a spade a spadeMature woman knows how to give and accept help.There is no expectation that others will play with her "guessing" its desires and needs, and is able to clearly Express their requests by the words. At the same time, she knows who needs her help really, and doesn't feel sorry for them, money or effort.

Another distinctive feature that is characteristic of Mature people is a special philosophical sense of humor. A woman with this Outlook on life, it's hard to unsettle the unexpected changes or the fact that not all surrounding justify the hopes rested upon them. Such an attitude to life based on trust in themselves, others, the world and God.

And of course, ripe female is not the same, which are now strict checks on the degree of compliance of all the listed items. She knows what is ripe and tips from women's magazines perceives with irony. published

Author: Olga Gumanova

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