How to make a cheap solar power plant with your own hands

Ukrainian inventor Sergey Yurko from Mirgorod not only build solar plants designed to produce heat from solar energy, but for free and ready to send her drawings to anyone. The main feature of the solar thermal system is its price. One square meter of the station will cost approximately 10 euros, and it is 15-20 times cheaper than other solar collectors.

In creating the device used a common cheap materials: polystyrene, wood, steel. As focusing mirrors were used metallized Mylar film. Because of its cost application station cheaper gas heating. In this case the water without any problems it is heated to the boiling temperature even in the most severe frosts. Learn more about the station, the inventor wrote in his blog.


To get the blueprints for this solar plant, enough to write to Sergey by e-mail It should be noted that the inventor is fundamentally rejected the patent, arguing that in the era of free information and the Internet trade of patents is outdated. At the same time Sergey hopes that his invention will become interested in hundreds of small producers, which will not be crowded in the market, because cheap solar heat require hundreds of thousands of private homes. published


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