A list of popular herbs and their contraindications

Be sure to consult with your doctor, helping himself to some herbal medicine, allergies, Hyper - and hypotensive patients suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Special caution should be exercised for pregnant women – they can be dangerous, even the most harmless herbs.

Here are a few popular medicinal herbs, using which VAIO to be extremely careful.


Enters into the five of leaders among sedative herbs. Relieves anxiety, irritability, increases efficiency, helps to focus. Is a mild antispasmodic.
Part of Melissa's included substance citral, which has subtoksicskih action. Because if you drink infusions and teas with lemon balm daily for two to three weeks, you can begin dizziness, headaches, nasal congestion, heaviness in the frontal-temporal region.



It has high anti-inflammatory properties and antispasmodic and choleretic effect, soothes stomach in gastritis and ulcers, helps to restore damaged mucous membranes.
Overdose can cause women excessive relaxation of smooth muscles of the uterus, which is fraught with disorder of the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. And the constant use of chamomile prevents the absorption of iron from the digestive system into the bloodstream that over time can lead to iron deficiency anemia.



Considered a female herb reduces pain and discomfort during the "critical days". Relieves muscle and vascular spasms, has antihypertensive effect (lowers blood pressure in hypertension). Helps with intestinal colic.

The menthol contained in mint, lowers blood pressure. Because gipotonikam mint teas and tinctures need to be taken with caution. Menthol slows the heart and complicates the work of the respiratory center that may cause deterioration of health in suffering from bronchial asthma and bradycardia.

And more than three cups of mint tea a day, even in completely healthy men can cause... reduced erections due to the pressure drop in the penis and the deterioration of its blood supply.



Even Hippocrates wrote that wormwood (Artemide) treats women's diseases, stimulates the appetite.

On the basis of wormwood absinthe is prepared. In the late XIX — early XX century in Europe epidemic swept "absinthe fever". Many people protracts very well, then, absinthe, ill various disorders of the nervous system from hallucinations to "wormwood epilepsy". Wormwood is contraindicated during pregnancy. And drugs wormwood can take no longer than 14 days.


St. John's wort

One of the most popular natural antidepressant with sedative (calming) effect.
Relieves spasms of the digestive system, has anti-inflammatory properties.

Attention! St. John's wort increases the body's sensitivity to UV light. So if you take money with this herb, it is best to refrain from tanning, otherwise you can quickly earn the burn. Prolonged use (longer than a month) can cause a bitter taste in the mouth, liver pain, constipation.

In case of overdose (more than three cups of broth a day) causes lethargy, drowsiness.



Has hemostatic and cholagogue action.

A decoction of the flowers of nettle is effective in the treatment of chronic bronchitis.

Increases contractility of the uterus. Quack has long used nettles as a means abortrule. So pregnancy of all fees, nettle is better to abstain. Nettle is also contraindicated in patients with severe atherosclerosis, hypertension, tumors of the prostate and uterus.


Mother and stepmother

Effective expectorant.

Contain toxic substances — pyrrolizidine alkaloids that can cause veno-occlusive liver disease (inflammation associated with stagnation of blood in the body). Also, decoctions of this herb increases the pressure in the pulmonary circulation, which is bad for asthmatics and cores.


Remember that the treatment of herbs is the first treatment. Therefore, the safe dose is not more than 200 grams of broth per day. Try to stick to it. published


Author: Alena Bykova


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Source: Alena Bykova


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