On track: in the car, plane and train

"We're going, going, going!" all is well in this song, especially rainbow mood traveling animals and children. In life, unfortunately, all not so fun. Travel with kids, no matter how wonderful was not the purpose of the travels are tiring of the tube, the queue at the airport, at the border. Hours to sit there little fidgets equally hard in the back seat good car, seat the fastest aircraft in the best coupe of the train. To pass the time and entertain the child help road games and fun, complete with a "magic briefcase".


My eye In this game you can play on the train and the car, at the airport while waiting for flight. First, choose the color of the objects which we seek, for example, red. And start the game: my eyes see red... car. My eye sees a red Apple. My eye sees a red hat. You can search round, striped things.

I'll takeThis is a little complicated version of "My eye". Imagine that you travel and take with you in the suitcase things. Think of a rule that you will take... only green items. Then you say: "Going on the road, I'll take the frog". This object should match the intended rule. The children asked whether it is possible to take the orange? Orange is not green, therefore, impossible. Can I bring a cucumber? You answer: "Can" (as the cucumber is green). The winner is the one who will be able to solve the rule.
Rules can be simple (for example, that fits in a briefcase, all round, soft things) and complex. For example, your name, and all objects start with the same letter. Or all words of foreign origin.


WordPlay city – the most widespread version of this fun – we all know. The essence of the word games is the same: to invent words, continuing the chain. The first player names any word, for example, FISH, the next player must think of your own word with the last letter of the word FISH, that is, to A. for Example, watermelon. The turn passes to the next, which needs to come up with a word for "Z". As a result, get these chains: ASH – ALPHABET – VEST – ANTENNA, etc.
Very clear and simple, confident word play primary school children, preschoolers also can actively participate, on the condition that you impose the rule of multiple hints. Kids who can't read yet, often come up with a word for obezyana. The task of the adult – time to correct, gently explaining the rules. Say "obezyana", and write "monkey". When a child comes up with a long word, so as not to slow down the game, start to slowly count to 10. If the word never came to mind, the player loses a turn.
During the game, there are many interesting situations where it is possible to argue, to discuss something, to see a pattern: for example, that frequent words ending in A, O in this situation we can prepare and come up with as many words as possible on these "tricky" vowels.


Plant, animal, mineralRemember, like a lion from the famous Lewis Carroll tried to categorize Alice? "Who are you: a plant, animal, or mineral?". And we used to play this entertaining "guess-ku", twisting miles to different cities and villages. Rules of the game are: the presenter proposed some animal, plant or mineral. The rest – asking questions to guess what it is? It should be noted that the ability to ask questions of the supporters of TRIZ (Theory of Inventive problem Solving) is considered a very important skill for a child's development. At first in these games requires the active participation of adults.
That's one scenario of our game "plant, animal, mineral". 9-year-old child made us a very difficult puzzle.
Is a plant, animal or mineral? Is an animal. Is a mammal?
— He has four paws.
— No. But there are limbs.
— He has hair?
— Yes and no.
— It lives in burrows?
— No.
Is a pet?
— Yes and no.
Is a wild animal?
— Yes and no.
— It can fly?
— No.
It creeps?
— Sometimes.
— He developed brain?
Is the man!

So here is the riddle of the Sphinx.


Good-badbrainstorm Together about what you want to do something about some event or phenomenon. For example, the rain. What good is it? Plants get moisture. It is not necessary to water the garden. You can popluate in boots through the puddles. It is not necessary to wash the car. You can see a rainbow. You can bathe myself in the summer rain. In the rain the mushrooms grow. When all good options are exhausted, go to search bad consequences. It is raining. Walk around, too wet and cold, floods, crops lost in the fields when it's been raining too long, you might get wet and catch a cold, the animals are hiding, it is cold and will not see them. This game teaches to look at events from different points of view.


SnowballYou say any word that came to mind. The kid repeats and invents his own. You repeat the first two words, adding a new word. So words grow like a snowball. If you frequently exercise, you can repeat more than 20 words. A very useful exercise for kids, as it develops memory and attention. It is also interesting to play "snowball" with the plot:
There was a mountain giant, he once fell into a trap (continues child), put him in the closet and caught his eye a cockroach.


I pack my suitcase"I pack my suitcase," you say, "And I put a toothbrush, socks, mirror, comb"... Ask the baby to repeat everything you put in the suitcase. If the child remember everything that you put, let too will add something from myself. This game is like a snowball, but thematically connected with the road.

Rose – coldTo any word it is necessary to come up with a rhyming word. For example, say: stick. Child – jackdaw or a rolling pin.

Pokeris a Very funny game, especially among preschoolers. Ask the child to choose his name from the kitchen: a poker, a plate, fork, knife. Now tell them that you will ask questions and all questions to be answered "Poker". Warn that can not laugh (although it's unlikely).
What is the name?
— The poker.
— A mom?
— The poker.
On the nose you have?
— The poker.
— And eat what?
— With the poker.
And grandparents do?
— Pokers.


Numberas children we believed the poles, crossings, crow. It is possible to consider all bearded men, all dogs, all cats, trucks.

Number platesEach of you chooses any number from 0 to 9. Task: find 5 cars with number plates containing the selected number.


Here!In this game we play in the car. I choose some object that is visible from afar – for example, a tree or road sign. All the passengers close their eyes, and when, in their opinion, we are passing the tree, they shouted "here!". Who was the closest wins.

You are; a lady sent a hundred rubles

In this game you can play anywhere, anytime and in any weather. The essence of the game is that the host asks questions. Answering questions, it is impossible to say "Yes", it is impossible to say "no", you cannot select black or white. You need to remember the saying: "your lady sent a hundred rubles,
What you want – then buy that
Black and white does not take,
"Yes" and "no" don't say.
You will go to the ball?"

"Yes!" — happily screaming kid. ... And the game starts again.

Another version of counting:
"You young lady sent a piece of the blanket Told me not to laugh, bow Lips not to do "Yes" and "no" not to say Black and white not to carry. You will go to the ball?" In this version, responding to questions, it is impossible to laugh.


Games kitWith them on the road, it would be nice to have a magic suitcase or games Cabinet in which you put all the necessary items to keep the baby happy and calm you:

1. Paper (pads, notebooks, albums). It is a universal pastime: paper good for drawing, for gaming, for recording childhood memories and stories origami.
2. Pencils, markers, crayons. A very useful thing in the road. Pencils draw, they count, sort, of them can think of something to build, and use for games of imagination, to invent stories where the characters are pencils.


3. Pocket kaleidoscope. Cool and inexpensive stuff.

4. Books with stickers in accordance with age. The child, who will carry away this lesson, quietly spends the whole hour.
5. The tablet for drawing.

6. Favorite picture books.

7. Player (iphone, ipad) to listen to stories, radio broadcasts and podcasts. As practice shows, not all children by nature are auditory (ie who like to listen to), so this option is not for everyone and not always.
8. Finger puppets (finger puppet sets sold at IKEA and other toy stores, at fairs). Sold today the so-called "fairy tale at hand".

9. A bag of various toys animals and small dolls to play in. The more characters in the bag, the more interesting and varied the game is, the longer the child will not be bored.

10. Puzzle (fifteen puzzle, Rubik's cube, "Russian nails")
11. Games-mini jigsaw puzzles (for example, "Fishing", where you have to catch fish using a small fishing rod), pyramids.


12. Hole punch, stapler, staples, tape, post-it. Oddly enough, children are very attracted to stationery. On the road give your child a sheet of paper, stapler and see what happens.
13. Cars, babies classic!
14. Cards to play in the "couples" and "memory" (usually with animals). The card game "Cat and mouse", "SET", "UNO" is a great preschool.

15. Magnetic game "Dress up doll" designer Magnetiks.

16. The clay, which leaves no residue (in train, plane, but not in the car).

17. Road versions of famous games "checkers", "Domino", "Scrabble" for older children.

18. Great game "Parking" in the road version, not just brightened us travel. Is the game on the principle "pyatnashek", whose purpose is to move the red car from the Parking lot by moving other cars. published


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