The secrets of spiritual health

1. Do not meddle in the Affairs of others.

Most of us creates a problem that is too often intervenes in the Affairs of others. We do this because we are convinced that doing well, and that our logic is the only correct one. As a result, we criticize those who disagree with us and try to instruct them on the correct path, i.e. on our way. This kind of attitude denies the existence of individuality, hence the existence of God, because he created each of us unique. There are no two people who would think the same way and did the same things. All men and women do as they suggests the divine living within them. God watches over everything and everyone. You should not worry about others! Take care of yourself!

2. Learn to forgive and forget.

This is the most effective way to achieve peace of mind. We often carry within themselves negative feelings towards the person who offended us. We forget that the offense was applied only once, and constantly fuelled by our discontent. All this leads to the fact that we are eternally "combed the same wound." Believe in God's justice and karma. Let him judge the actions of those who hurt You. Life is too short to spend it on all sorts of nonsense. Goodbye, farewell, and continue forward.

3. Don't look for public recognition.

In this world of egoists. They rarely appreciate the people, not with a view to personal gain. Moreover, nobody is perfect. Then why do You appreciate the words of praise such as mortal as You are? Why do You crave recognition? Believe in yourself. Others praise not last long. In fulfilling its responsibilities, don't forget about morality and sincerity. The rest – give God.

4. Forget about envy.

We all know how jealousy can disturb our peace of mind. You know what works harder than Your colleagues, but the increase was received by them, not You. Should You envy them? No. Remember that the life of each of us is built in accordance with the karma of our past actions and deeds, as well as previous lives. If You are destined to be rich, there is nothing in the world can stop You. You will not achieve anything that will blame others for their failures. Jealousy will not lead You to anything other than worry.

5. Want to change the world – start with yourself.

Do not attempt to single-handedly change the world around You, hardly You will succeed. Isn't it better to change yourself? And then even a hostile environment will be pleasant and harmonious.

6. Reconciled to the fact that you cannot change.

This is the best way to turn disadvantages into advantages. Every day we are faced with the inconvenience, irritation, disease and accidents that are beyond our control. We must learn to accept them, saying to himself: ”So God wished. So be it.” After all, the logic of God is beyond our understanding. Believe it, and will become more tolerant, strong willed

7. "Do not bite off more than you can eat."

Often we take on more obligations than they can deliver. We do this to satisfy his Ego. So match their capabilities. Free time try to devote to Hobbies, introspection and meditation. This will help to reduce the amount of thoughts that make You feel self-sufficient people. The less thoughts, the more peace of mind.published

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