"Their" people know instantly

"Their" people know instantly – they do not need long to get used to and learn to love. "Their" feeling as soon as the heartache, no matter where and how is the meeting.

You suddenly just realize that you – the same blood, and with a stranger it is possible to divide your bread, and with it you can split your fight and if you ever become enemies, it will be an honor, not a disaster.

In the "about me" I often write a closed corporate party, where entrance is strictly by invitation. I do think that the phrase "private party" explains a lot. You can write about a lot personal, but in the end it turns out that this is not personal at all, it is the most that neither is common and universal, just didn't say it aloud, and when you suddenly touch on this topic, it's a simple recognition effect. It's like from the heart to laugh at themselves – just over a cry, you know?

Forty three million three hundred nine thousand five hundred nineteen

I love people who never call at three in the morning and ask for a pick me up by taxi. I cherish those who never make this request to me. Because I know that my pack is not used to wasting money in the pubs when they are bad, they go to the gym or run for five miles more, and most of all – just do something that made them bad, but certainly don't sit and MOPE about what all the circle jerks and materialistic bitches.

Faith is given, you know? By your faith, that what you have inside. Don't be afraid to raise the strength, don't think it makes you a man. On the contrary – you should always have enough own resources to be able to difficult time, if necessary, to stand for two, and not the hysterical "you're a man, you understand."

Well, because the family is not about "you and me" but about "we", every day about "we" – on holidays, weekends, and no lunch.

As long as you both know what go hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, no Blizzard is not terrible, no sorrow. Always try both to be the best version of yourself – not for outsiders, not for outsiders, not for "very serious, influential" people, – and for each other. Because the one you chose is not even in your pack, and into her hole, who was let into your House, someone trusted enough to sleep around to sleep on your back with your arms out – he's the most important. And because the best in themselves, the sweet need to drag it, because it's about family and about the house, about your family and about the house, and not about market square and the street, you know?..

No matter what time you get married the second time, no matter what time you get married first. Really only one thing matters – for whom, because this choice will determine what you're going to feel the rest of the time.

Because with this man you hurt, to build a house, losing and finding a job, to survive the UPS and downs, sing, drink and cry, grow old and raise children. You with him, in the end, not only to kiss but to bury their parents. And not just you with him, but he is with you. You feel this responsibility? Do you understand how serious and deeper than conversations over coffee?

Don't give up and look for until it withers. As well as "their" people.

They are the backbone. The same scattered coordinates, which you surely build your schedule. It's the people safe, with whom you can be naked, be drunk, which I want to tenderly kiss the top of my head and hug. They will not test you for strength, loyalty, loyalty, will not consider you a God and even in thought never to fall. They know that you – the usual, really, really, plain and simple, and it hurts you there and also how it hurts and where it hurts everyone. And therefore they will take care of you, as well as will protect you: "If necessary – tell, I'll be there" – "Really need, but this is not the territory".

The pack isn't the family you choose yourself. And very often it chooses you itself. Because you grow into that circle of people with a heart rhythm that matches your own. And you don't need a long time and a lot of talking to understand that you will definitely be comfortable with each other.

Because he, the other he's like you.

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Author Olga Primachenko


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