Paint for heating water

Mexican scientists from the Technological Institute of Laguna has developed the superconducting heat paint (though they call it "ink"). If the cover they have developed the composition of the pipe, the water inside them is under the influence of sunlight will warm up to 68 degrees Celsius instead of the usual 40, if used for this purpose existing standard counterparts. To the water reached such a high temperature, it is enough to flow (pressure remains constant) along the pipe at a distance of 5 meters.

Also an important feature for commercial success of new products is the fact that the new paint at a higher efficiency will cost about 40% cheaper than the existing.

According to the head of the project, Sandra Casillas bolaños, to achieve this stunning effect is made possible by the use of nano-particles, that is activated when struck by sunlight. Note that, according to the researchers, the new coating heats the liquid and on cloudy days, but, of course, to a lower temperature.

The structure of the developed coating has two layers: the internal one consists of magnetic nano-particles of titanium, whose task is to collect and hold heat, and the outer layer is a nano-salts of tungsten processed with polyvinyl alcohol. On top of both layers is covered with a layer of copper. After polishing the copper darkens and also provides heat retention inside. Heating of the coating takes place as follows: fastest heat accumulate nano-titanium particles, then warming up tungsten and at least copper.

Lower the cost of technology Tim helped paint it tungsten, the metal used in the production of the familiar incandescent bulbs. Instead, similar compositions use more expensive components.

The coating was classified as class colors, as its composition is designed in such a way that dries quickly. Also its smell compare with the smell of hair dye. Apply the paint to the surface of any pipes through which the water flows.

Work on the project has been going on for about two years. During done during this time, tests proved that the system is equally effective in Sunny and cloudy days.

The biggest challenge was the application of the paint to heat a large sports complex, as well as water coming into the pool, which his honor. The paint helped to warm the two million tons of water to the temperature from 26 to 37 degrees Celsius with virtually no energy costs. Then with the help of the pump hot water mixed with cold, achieving the most comfortable temperature for swimming.

As for the prospects of the project, now in the process of obtaining a patent. Next is the entrance to the mass production of paints and products to the market. Approximate price — about $ 40 per pack, but the processing of all pipes for a single home will cost about four times less, since the paint consumption is expected to be very small.

Also, except for use when water is heated, private household farms, such superconducting paint can improve the efficiency of entire solar power plants, for example tower. published

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