The revelation of the beekeeper: Honey deception, learn the truth!

Today we talk about industrial beekeeping.

I must say, nothing good about it. Frame beehive was imposed on us by the Bolsheviks 100 years ago, they presented it as a scientific beekeeping, supposedly competent, is not for everyone. Previously, everyone had decks.

What is the difference Kolodny beekeeping and Ulejoe?

Now, after more than 100 years, the difference we see with the naked eye, this difference in numbers.
That any peasant in Russia, with an ax could easily gouge your hand, and not just one. Thanks to the simplicity of the deck was nearly all. And oleva form postpones beekeeping from masses of people.

Eighty two million one hundred eighty three thousand three hundred fifty nine

Why was this done?

Pre-revolutionary Russia was an agrarian country. Simply put the economy is kept on the number of crops grown. Volumes grown to depend on productivity, and she, in turn, is not no secret, the population of the territory bees. Yeah, smekaesh?

Thus: decreasing the number of beekeepers is decreasing the amount of harvest that greatly undermines the country's economy.

On the other hand, Yes, of course, with the hive when the frames move there where you need to control swarming and to do cuttings. In General, complete and understandable situation, but again, for those who have spent years studying this system. But such people are very few.

Now one more thing.

We try to do everything as natural and chemical-free. For next season we want to focus on honeycomb. Honeycomb, of course, with scratch-built by bees, with no honeycombs. Because honeycomb is half of wax, the rest is chemistry, the composition of which can be found in the Internet, and chew I wouldn't recommend it. Honey well is oxidized with air and the part of medicinal substances is lost immediately after printing a honeycomb. Also honey should not keep in the light, not the gift of bees hiding him in a dark place, and tightly closed with wax caps to avoid oxygen. Should observe nature. As beekeepers, without hesitation, tear off the lid, twist the honey in the honey extractor (would be great if it was stainless steel and not like most of the galvanizing, all the honey can not be eaten).
In General, in any case, it oxidizes and loses half the benefits and even the taste of who ate the honey in the comb understands it, it is delicious and even thicker.

Well, it's okay... let's continue about our beekeeper.

Next, the beekeeper brings honey to the market and stands under the sun with banks of honey, that excuse is a disgrace, because it is proved that the med for 2 days in the sun loses all it can it will remain.


Almost always the beekeepers store the honey in aluminium flasks, stored years, when the world has long prohibited the storage of products in aluminum, a toxic metal. Honey can be stored only in glass or wood.

I'm not going to talk in detail about the poisonous substance which the books suggest sprinkling of bees against parasites, it all goes to the bees, frames and respectively to us in the mouth. Bipin prohibited everywhere, except for Russia, who cares read.

And buying such a product of a beekeeper, we still believe that it is real and useful. There you have it, ladies and gentlemen... About the shop honey, I think I can tell, there is not exactly honey.

We will not go down the path of ignorance, will only help the bees to produce a good product without the use of all harmful. The best honey in the natural comb! But who wants draught, will push his wooden press.

Though honey will be less, but benefit more.published 

Sincerely, Family-run apiary (honey, fireweed)


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