Paint for spacecraft, useful in household and construction purposes

In our days the choice of products is huge, the stores offer customers not only products from their direct purpose, but also with additional useful properties. Among these products energy – saving or insulating paint.

This material was developed by NASA in the seventies of the last century.

Sixty five million four hundred twenty two thousand six hundred seventy six

The invention was widely used, in space: they insulated the surface of the spacecraft. Now this paint is used in different industries.

Here, for example, can be used where the coloring composition with energy-saving features:

  • in air conditioning systems and purification of indoor air;
  • industrial refrigerators;
  • in devices for heating water;
  • pipelines of various sizes for steam, gas, oxygen;
  • hydrants;
  • the roofs and walls of dwellings, including facades;
  • seagoing vessel;
  • for military installations;
  • containers for storage and transportation of nitrogen;
  • bridges;
  • containers with drinking water;
  • planes and other aircraft;
  • the pipeline underwater, aerial, underground.
The advantages and disadvantages of using energy saving paintThis material has many advantages. It is the thinnest insulation of all existing and, unlike others, does not require special fasteners. After applying thermal insulation paint coating protects the surface from corrosion and reduces condensation. Its use allows to reduce repair work and, thus, reduce the cost of operation of objects.

Paint has a long shelf life. It has warranty of about 15 years, so you can save more on warming of objects. A very important quality of this material is that it is explosive and not flammable. The paint shines after drying, so the surface looks attractive and aesthetically pleasing. This material is not toxic and does not cause allergies. The paint with the effect of energy saving performance clutch is high, so it easily covers any surface: concrete, glass, metal, wood, brick, plastic, rubber.

The disadvantages of insulating paint is its high cost and a sufficiently high flow rate.

In the composition of the dye solution is added small ceramic and silicone with air. They are joined in the composition of the mixed rubber and polymers. The insulation characteristics are due to good molecular effect of air residing in these areas. The paint looks like a thick whitish fluid, becoming after application and complete drying to a smooth surface.

When working with heat-paint is required to use the respirator and goggles. It should be applied by conventional roller or brush for painting works. But when you apply the special spray tool provided by the highest productivity. Necessarily need to properly mix this paint before beginning work, this can be done in any convenient container and you will need a power drill with a special nozzle.

Method of applicationPaint is sold in ready to use form, but read the instructions on the box never hurts. The painting surface should be cleaned of dirt and rust, degrease. Before painting it is recommended to primed, not containing orgasmville, it is necessary for good adhesion. The surface temperature shall be -7-150 degrees Celsius.

It is impossible to work on painting in wet weather, and after coating is necessary to protect the surface from rain (about 4 hours). A single layer coating should be not more than 0.38 mm. The coating can be applied in two or three layers. The layer of paint must dry before the end, before applying the next. One layer dries in 24 hours. Operating temperature energy saving coatings: -47-260 degree Celsius.

Seventy million one hundred thirty three thousand eight hundred thirty

Surface painted this energy saving paint, easy to care for – any means will do for cleaning. If necessary, you can remove it with any sander.

Insulating paint can be done by. Now produce a special Supplement – a powder that after mixing with the usual paint turns into a real energy-saving. They are mixed in the following proportions: 120 grams of the additive in 1 kg composition. The application of this powder is also possible with other construction mixes for decoration and repair of any premises.

Invented for spacecraft paint with energy-saving effect as a result of useful in household and construction purposes. Despite its high cost, when compared to other paints, it can save time, money and energy.published  




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