Japan will produce energy from space

The basic concept of the orbital solar farms that can meet the energy needs of humanity, involves the creation of a giant photovoltaic platforms in Earth orbit.

This platform will be used to collect solar energy with its subsequent direction in the form of microwaves to receiving stations located on the planet. After that the received energy is converted into electricity.



For implementation of the project of the Japanese aerospace exploration Agency has developed a complicated scheme. A road map, compiled by Japanese experts, describes how to create a 2030-year-old commercial system consisting of a series of ground and orbital stations with a total capacity of 1 gigawatt. By the way, this is comparable to the standard nuclear power station.

The project, presented in the journal IEEE Spectrum, involves the construction (in Japan) artificial island with a length of 3 kilometers, where it will be deployed giant network of 5 billions of tiny antennas needed to convert radio frequencies into electricity.

Substation on the island will be used to transmit electricity by undersea cable to Tokyo to support industrial zones and urban areas. The collection of solar energy will be at a height of 36 thousand km above the Earth's surface.



The specialists underline that "it would be difficult and expensive, but the result is worth it. And not only from an economic point of view. Throughout human history the emergence of each new source of energy from wood through coal, oil, gas and ending nuclear power, was connected with the revolution.

If humanity will learn the collection of solar energy in space, satellites in orbit will provide almost infinite energy, putting an end to conflicts over the struggle for energy resources of the Earth. Placing an increasing amount of equipment in space will give rise to the development of a prosperous and peaceful civilization beyond Earth".published


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