Japanese facial massage Shiatsu become younger just!

Smooth wrinkles, refresh the skin and give it a healthy color Japanese Shiatsu massage. It will not take much of your time and very simple in execution, but the use of it is very tangible when the condition that you spend it every morning and evening.

Sense massage Shiatsu is that you operate on the active points located along the energy meridians, located on the face.


According to Eastern teachings, while reducing facial muscle glycogen is consumed. After he converted to lactic acid which accumulates in muscles, causing stagnation of energy and the formation of facial wrinkles.

With pressure on the working muscle, according to the Japanese method Shiatsu releases energy, aktiviziruyutsya metabolism and blood circulation. These processes, in turn, contribute to the inflow to the cells of nutrients and presence of toxins. Tension in the muscles, they recover their jobs, gradually leading to wrinkles and lifting. The skin becomes more elastic, supple, has a healthy pale pink color. Improves overall health, leaving nervous tension, normalizes the activity of internal organs.

Before you begin your Shiatsu massage:

  • The skin clear from impurities.
  • If necessary, make an exfoliating or purifying mask.
  • Apply on face hyaluronic liquid or one of the available oils — peach, olive, Flaxseed, pumpkin seed, grape seed oil.
  • RUB your palms together to warm up.
  • Sit comfortably in front of a mirror and don't slouch.
  • Each point massage simultaneously from both sides small circular movements for about one minute: 6 times clockwise and counterclockwise. With this purpose, use the index or middle fingers of both hands.
 Massage technique Shiatsu:


1. Middle fingers massage the point 1, located at the beginning of the eyebrow. Intermittent movements follow superciliary arcs to the end of the eyebrow and fix soft pressure point 5.

2. Go to point 6, located at the outer corner of the eye and massage it with the pads of middle fingers. It relieves fatigue, normalizes the function of the gallbladder and contributes to the functioning of the brain.

3. From point 6 go to point 4 at the inner edge of eyes to nose, press on it and massage. This exercise relieves eye strain and helps get rid of headaches.

4. Find pair point 8 under the eyes (under the cheekbone), push it upwards and massage, then walk towards the ears. It is still called Royal, because it eliminates the sagging of the cheeks, and normalize the cardiovascular system and stimulate the body's defenses.


5. Paired point 2 above the eyebrows massage three times with all fingers up to the hair and to the temples. This exercise helps to improve overall health and worsening of vision.

6. Next go to point 3, located at the beginning of hair growth at the temples. Massage them with your fingers towards the center of the forehead. They promote efficiency.

7. Locate point 7 at the beginning of the hair at the temples and make wave-like massage on the ears. It improves memory and normalizes kidney function.

8. Let us stop for one Royal point 16, located two fingers above the auricle in the recess. Massage it, pulling the skin up. It helps to tighten the skin, stimulates mental activity, relieves headaches.

The mouth area:

9. Locate the groove under the nose (to the gums) and the fingering movements go from the center to point 9 and then to 10 points near the corners of the mouth. Massage them.

10. Go to point 13, under the bottom lip in the center of the chin. Massage her and fingering movements go on steam the point 12 in the corners of the lips and also massage.

11. All fingers from the chin through the point 14 three times pass to the cheeks, and then to the ears.

The neck:

12. Another point 17 – the Royal. To find it, start from the ear lobe down one finger. It is located in the depression between the mandible and the tendon of the neck. Push on it and massage for a minute. It improves complexion and removes puffiness.

13. Locate point 11 on the edge of the rear holes under the skull and massaging move forward to the ears. They activate the energy centres of the pancreas and spleen.

14. Point 15 find near the neck of the tendons closer to the throat and massage it in parallel with the two sides.

After the massage, remove the remnants not soaked oil and irrigate a skin tonic. Let alone to dry the skin. Field apply hyaluronic cream or the cream that you use.

Shiatsu is suitable for all skin types, it should be done in the morning at least once a day. With the aim of increasing the effectiveness of the sessions can be done twice a day. The second time – in the evening, but not after 22 hours. Minimum course of 15 days. If you want to get a stable result, don't be lazy! Do massage every day for a long time. The result might surprise you – you will soon feel himself a few years younger! published


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