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Who doesn't love adventure and nurtures feelings of self-uniqueness. If money is a typical inhabitant of the sofa scares you, this article will help to transform life into something extraordinary. Note: it will not change your life itself — you have to apply the rules, which I am going to tell. But if you are disciplined enough to stick to them, I promise they will work.

Become a rebel

Here's the starting point for any change: you must be a bit of a rebel. Though to draw graffiti on a neighbor's house, you don't have to, you don't succeed, constantly waiting for others ' approval. Stop trying to follow everyone. For the crowd is most important is public approval — and at the beginning of your journey to extraordinary you will hardly have to experience it. Innovators must be able to move on despite all objections and disapproval. Innovators do not become slaves to the opinions of others.

Do not dwell on mistakes

When you learn to act contrary to other people's disapproval, need to get ready for yet another event that will become an integral part of your life. I'm talking about situations where you screwed up.

Often we believe that all are watching our every move. And if the world finds out that we made a mistake — it's all over, everyone will laugh and scoff. This mindset is paralyzing, and if something similar happens in your head, it is time urgently to break own stereotypes.

Someone who likes to repeat that it is not mistaken only one who does nothing. As far as I can tell, it's actually a big mistake. If you do nothing with your life is a failure. All the obstacles that you encounter on the way to an exceptional life — the only part of the learning process. The real mistake is to refuse to try again. For exceptional results, you need to practice, and mistakes is an integral part of the practice. But every time you screwed up (which, as I said, cannot be considered a true failure), you become closer to success. Stisnite teeth and continue.

A route

The best way to become an ordinary man in the street — live your life without any purposes and plans. I don't want you to abandon spontaneity, quite the contrary. But if you use spontaneity as an excuse in order not to set goals then your whole life is routine. A dull routine, an excuse which is alleged desire to take an unexpected decision.

The moments of greatest satisfaction in my life happened when I had a goal, developed a plan of action and get their way. No luck, no lucky guesses — only the result of my own actions.

We may have different ideas about what is able to spice up your life (you have to make it extraordinary), but in any case you need to find where you are now (point a), to find out what is your ideal way of life (point b), and find a route between these points.

For example, if you want to write a few bestsellers, but not even finished the story, you need to formulate a plan of action. In this case you should write every day and read... really a lot to read and write on a daily basis. This brings us to the next point — the ability to wait.

Learn durability

In the case of our example with bestseller, success will not come overnight. You need to be not only patient, but persistent. Durability plays a huge role. Today you can write 2000 words and to read 100 pages, but if you don't repeat this tomorrow — don't expect miracles. On the other hand, if you continue to work from day to day, time becomes your biggest friend.

Time can either play in your favor, or to destroy you. Choose the wrong habits — and if you can't them time to refuse, you will die sooner than expected. On the other hand, if you get in the correct order, the longer you stick to it, the higher the reward. If you were to exercise and eat right a week, it won't make you look like a bodybuilder. But try doing it for many years and feel a tremendous change, physical and mental.

Suffer discomfort

Extraordinary people from the ordinary are distinguished by their ability to tolerate uncertainty and discomfort. They believe that even if something seems inconvenient at first glance, it can bring great benefits in the long term.

Let's take for example a healthy diet. Many can not resist the desire to eat sweets or fast food, because it brings them momentary pleasure, momentary comfort. But then comes the guilt and the understanding that this habit kills them in the long run. In this case, time becomes their greatest enemy: the longer they continue to eat junk food, the worse they will have in the future. The transition to a healthy diet may at first cause discomfort, but ultimately you will be glad you made the right choice.

If you are wanting to avoid the discomfort, you have the ability to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way to the perfect lifestyle. Don't want to go to the gym when you are tired after work or study — but you can go and work out. As I said, the real discomfort is to realize that you're lying on the couch and do nothing just because you're afraid of discomfort. A good way to test your ability to withstand the discomfort is to take a cold shower.

Don't listen to other

If someone tells you that something will not work — this is normal: take their opinion into consideration and check yourself. It's just their idea of their own abilities and limitations. You must become deaf to other people's mental barriers.

Often, constraints are just opinions, something subjective, which is not to be trusted. People will try to apply to my truth, but you don't have to listen to them. This causes disapproval and resentment, but you already know that you have become immune to it.

Develop self-control

To follow these rules, you will have to develop self-control — without it is impossible to do something extraordinary for a long time. The world is full of traps that suck your precious time, make you lazy and procrastinate. Therefore self-control is a vital skill that must be developed.

Why is it so important? You can feel very motivated today, but the motivation is just a feeling that may fade as any other. The self-control necessary to act, despite the lack of motivation to keep going even if you would prefer to give up. That's what this is all about.published

Author Oscar Novick


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