The syndrome of success: why the best employees leave work

Recently a group of researchers from Harvard conducted a study and discovered the true causes of so-called "syndrome of success". It turns out that teamwork embodies one rather unexpected, but very unpleasant drawback.

In the fields the most valuable and intelligent employees are usually forced to exist under a hail of small requests and questions from colleagues. Very often, it all ends sadly in the end these employees burn out and quit.

This, the researchers explain, is a kind of "syndrome of success". The more value you present for your company, the greater the load on you leans.

One of the members of the research group of Professor Rob Cross explained how this happens and how to prevent it.

Cross, who has been studying the effectiveness of the corporate work for two decades, said that over the past 10 years, there has been "a phenomenal explosion of intensity in the area of teamwork".

Part of this "explosion" due to the advent of such technological capabilities, as email and social media, making it possible real-time communication between colleagues located in different parts of the world.

Meanwhile, the Cross shows a less obvious factor is that, how is the structure of the companies. 500 of the most successful and fastest growing organizations tend to management of matrix type and a dual reporting system. This means that employees receive instructions and report to at least two parent managers.

Moreover, — continues the Cross — in many industries people have so much specific knowledge that members of different departments have to work together. At first glance, this may seem beautiful. But not so simple.

Even the most experienced managers can not ignore the "dark side" of teamwork, but rather that the most valuable employees end up overwhelmed and you start thinking about leaving. And all because the lion's share of the load, which these people are forced to carry "invisible" to others, especially to superiors.

In the result, the best employees is literally torn to pieces and bosses, and colleagues. And when they are completely exhausted and starting to lose some work or even resign, the boss throws up his hands.published


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