Small bedroom: 11 ways to create comfort

Most Russians still have to huddle in close rooms, where every inch is valued literally worth its weight in gold. Therefore, the issue of furnishing small spaces in the near future just will not lose its relevance.

In this case, the visual sense of spaciousness form the vertical strips of wood, which is trimmed in tight quarters. Light shades and functionally involved wall — based storage system.

Bulky bedside tables in a small bedroom is not the place! The perfect alternative will be the low console is able to add visual lightness and grace, or even the most ordinary shelves, which can at any time use for its intended purpose.

The organization of the second tier is a bold and productive solution. Thus it is possible to separate directly a place to sleep from the recreation area, and the "squares" which will add this interior solution will be not visual, but quite real.

With proper small bedroom will be a place not only for sleeping but also for creative pursuits. Placing the bed parallel to the window sill, you can free up a couple of "squares" for Desk. Shelves for storing stationery and other home stuff, as well as a loft for storing clothes, pinned under a ceiling will become the compact storage system.

Every inch and every subject of small bedroom should be a functional load. In this approach, a wide window sill will turn into a comfortable sofa and colourful cushions to distract attention from the spatial "shortage".

Reflecting the natural glare, mirror fills the room with light, visually increasing it by almost half. The more specular the surface, the easier it is to breathe in a confined space. It's a win-win design course, to do that need special care when it comes to the bedroom. The fact that Feng Shui sleeping person should not be reflected in the mirror. What this means for ancient Chinese philosophy read more here.

Do not overload the situation of the already cramped bedroom severe forms and objects. Only straight lines, light colours, visually light furniture. And chic textile curtains with pleats is better to replace the roller or Roman, suitable and lightweight tulle.

Even a small bedroom can be a part-time office. Of course, the business environment, which creates a Desk, will not promote relaxation before sleep as the door to the bed will cast a "sleepy" thoughts while working. But very often in small apartments similar option is the only solution "close" to the problem.

Bedside tables in a tiny bedroom, you can change the tall, narrow wardrobes. Thus, not utagulov environment, you will provide room for more storage. And for decoration and all sorts of stuff that we used to put on the bedside table, fit a stylish shelf, hanging directly over the bed. The lower side of the latter is a great place for recessed lighting fixtures, the light which is comfortable to read before going to sleep.

Obezvojennaya beds on the platform visually increase the space of the room, and neobychainyi accessory to add some originality. By the way, the smaller the room the more careful you need to treat it decorating. Do not overload the small bedroom details — just one or two bright touches of flattering style line design.

Pull-out bedside tables, folding tables, bed-transformer with comfortable drawers for storage directly under the bed — a compact solution for tight spaces. Instead of bedside tables — a stack of books, and instead of a table lamp — original hanging lamp, the location and the direction of the light flux which can be adjusted at their discretion. Hundreds of original ideas offer designers for decorating a home space, so we have plenty to choose from! published


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